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PF2e updated sheets

PF2e updated sheets

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Message: So Pathfinder is 2e, and as I'm looking through it I'm realizing that the 2e sheet Myth-weavers currently has in use needs to be updated and replaced. Skills, numbers, and modifiers don't auto-update like they do for 1e, there's only 17 skills rather than 24 (and the skills slightly overlap as they're formatted anyways), and one of the biggest things is that TAC is no longer a thing in PF2e so that needs to be removed entirely.

I'm not trying to gripe or be an asshole or make demands, and I realize the people working on this site are presumably busy. But I don't see any threads about this subject and the pinned one concerning sheets hasn't been touched since '18. So I figured I'd take the initiative and make a post about it.

@Kagimizu It actually has come up, in the Shet Requests, Status, and Issues thread. An updated sheet is in progress.

Please remember, everyone on the site is a volunteer and no one gets paid. Sometimes life prevents things from getting done as promptly as we would prefer.

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