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Sphere of Power Games

Sphere of Power Games

Any Sphere of power games? Looking to possibly join a gestalt one. Let me know if someone needs another or is looking to start a game.

Im thinking of starting one up actually. Ive seen a lot of games just die on here which is a shame. As someone with a lot of anxiety who has dropped a game before cause I cant get out of my own head Im a little wary of it. But I would like to run something for some people if they're interested in a GM they might have to bug to post occasionally. In the past I've set up a Discord server so that occ chat can occur too which helps if things are slow with certain players. Might try doing something like that, since it helps to keep me engaged when I can just talk to players like normal humans as well as the players for the game.

Have you looked into the City of Seven Seraphs at all? Its amazing and a great possible place to run a campaign. If there is some more interest I might look into putting together a game with that setting in mind.

I have not looked at the City of Seven Seraphs yet ill have to take a look at it. Excited to hear interest though!

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