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Derelicts and Dreadnoughts

Derelicts and Dreadnoughts

Heya folks. Recently, I've taken a real liking, seriously bordering on obsession, to GM a sci fi fantasy game using or based off from DnD5e mechanics (or most of it anyway). I've already decided on the title called "Derelicts and Dreadnoughts", but have not decided on which system to base it from. I am considering Esper Genesis or Startfinder 5e. It would be less space opera and more into the tone of Eberron.

Any suggestions as to which system? A blend perhaps? And more importantly, anyone interested in stepping into the depths and dangers of galactic adventures with me? Thanks a bunch.

Many thanks @PhilosopherGM for the +1 inclination towards Esper Genesis. I've been pouring through, again, the Basic Player, DM and starter adventure and it does look to be a promising platform. Maybe a hack here and there I guess would suffice to make it adapt the PHB races and other common elements from DnD5e.

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