GM Wanted: D&D 3.5e System Apocalypse

I've been on a kick of dungeon core, litrpg, and system apocalypse fictions lately, and it gave me an idea.


GM wanted for... honestly something I thought I would never in a million years ask for...

Low-level D&D 3.5 game.
Sources = Yes
Races = Yes
Classes = Yes
(Gestalt, more feats than normal, and/or Frank 'n' K Tomes in play if you are feeling brave.)

The premise I'm looking for here is, "yesterday it was 2019, today it's 2019, but dungeons and monsters exist and the world runs on 3.5 logic. You, a gamer, are not as hilariously under-equipped to deal with this as more boring folks would be... but you're still kinda squishy since you got your Class (and maybe your new Race, you poor schmuck) literally an hour ago."

I'd be willing (and possibly eager) to play this as a solo, but having / finding a group of like-minded survivors to brave the apocalypse with would be fun, too.

Everything else I leave up to our potential GM; how much of the world and its infrastructure survived, how the world and its governments react, what caused it and why, and so on, I want to discover stuff like that from a player perspective.