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Strange Fantasy/Sci Fi Homebrew Game

Strange Fantasy/Sci Fi Homebrew Game

Hi all, just trying to see if anyone would be interested in playing my game that I created. It is super rules-light and is only 1 page long. It combines elements of Fantasy with Science Fiction. It is set in the year 2550 AD and you would be a Human who explores new star systems and planets. Aliens do exist, but only a few have been encountered. Idea would be that players are mercenaries or soldiers working for some Top Secret government agency who wants the PCs to do dangerous and/or deadly missions that no one else will do. If there would be interest, I am only looking for 4 players. I will attach a copy of my game for all to read. Thanks.

I like Sci-Fi and generic, rules lite systems are always nice. So would be interested in playing!

@Palladium ok cool, let me see if we can get 2 more players interested and then I could post a game. Glad you enjoy this sort of thing, my game is really simple lol. And its been awhile since I have done Sci Fi, thanks.

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