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Kind of an Intro and Apology!

Kind of an Intro and Apology!

So, I don't think I ever did the introduction thing the first time round and as such I guess I'll take a moment and do it this time and also make a bit of an apology.

I'm L_X_D, I'm a sometimes GM, not very often player in the physical world. I also have a few mental health issues that got pretty bad a little while back and I ended up trying to 'step out'. I'm doing good, I'm seeing someone pretty regularly and getting my life back together. One of the things I really miss is roleplaying and whilst I have recruited a few friends from across the globe for a Roll20 game I'm looking to get back into PBP.

I wanna apologise to everyone I've flaked on, I'm gonna be really careful and take things a step at a time but I'm hoping that vanishing for so long so suddenly hasn't burnt any bridges!

No need to apologize. Most of us have needed a break once or
or three or four times, maybe even five

Mental Health can also be difficult to deal with, point being. Super glad to see you back and enjoy!

Welcome back, L_X_D, and glad things are going better for you! Hope to see you in a game or two in the near future.

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