Pokemon Game of some sort (GM needed) - Myth-Weavers

Pokemon Game of some sort (GM needed)

Pokemon Game of some sort (GM needed)

I would prefer if it was PTU but any long-running pokemon game would be nice. I'm looking to be a player with others who are interested in a gym crawl type campaign. I'm used to the system well enough, though some direction for how specific mechanics may be needed. Any other applicable system can work however.

I would love to play in a game like this! I have been looking for a PTU game for mnths now. I woul dGM but my schedule is wonky and hours all over the place but i have plenty of time as a player. If anyone wants to GM i would love to jump in with you.

Put me down as interested. I have some extensive experience DMing Pokemon games and I'd love to be involved in another, but I'm just about to start an IRL game and my work schedule is kind of volatile right now.

It's not necessarily that I've been working increased hours, but for the past month or so I've been doing double my normal workload or more each day, leaving me with hardly any energy left for creative pursuits at the end of the day. The workload has died down at this point, but some things are also changing, so I can't really predict what my regular workday will be like going forward.

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