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CraziFuzzy's Application

CraziFuzzy's Application

I am quite interested in this. The two-character thing is interesting, but I will try to avoid the natural meta-tendency to make them pair perfectly with each other.

As a player, I've been playing here on myth-weavers for a number of years, in a mixture of AP's, Arena games, and some one-off's. Of particular note is my playing of Lurr Donsfell in Ariel_Shatil's Rise of the Runelords game since April 2016. Away from myth-weavers, I played D&D and AD&D back in the 80's and early 90's, before a long hiatus during a stint in the military. After my service, I played a bit of 3.5 before moving to pathfinder, and now 5e. I still play Pathfinder online, and pfs in my local area when the opportunity arises.

I do have a character application in the other Ash AP game starting up, and would likely use that character (a halfling barbarian) as one of my two characters in this game if he is not selected there. I'll start coming up with a second here after thinking on it for a bit.

Eliona was born in Kyonin, and had a rather normal elven childhood. As she grew in years, she began to hear the tales of the lands beyond the elven strongholds. She spent more and more time in the taverns listening to the travelers from afar that would grace the elf with their stories, and the tales of daring brought her to further revere the drunken hero. As her love of Cayden Cailean grew, so did her desire to spread that love. When news of nearby Ravounel's separation from Cheliax, and especially the emancipation of the Chelish slaves within its new borders, she felt drawn to the region.

She set off with a travelling bard who was 'heading her way', and made that way to the new nation-state, where she quickly injected herself into the local bar scene, trying to get all the news of any freedom raids into Cheliax to 'rescue' those still under the yoke. When she heard of this 'Call for Heroes,' it seemed the perfect opportunity to stretch her legs and find common minded individuals who might join her in her soon to be quite amazing raids of daring, cunning and obviously great renown.

Stat SummaryEliona Leostina
Ancestry: Elf (
Whisper Elf
Your ears are finely tuned, able to detect even the slightest whispers of sound. As long as you can hear normally, you can use the Seek action to sense undetected creatures in a 60-foot cone instead of a 30-foot cone. You also gain a +2 circumstance bonus to locate undetected creatures that you could hear within 30 feet with a Seek action.
Whisper); 1:
Your elven magic manifests as a simple arcane spell, even if you aren’t formally trained in magic. Choose one cantrip from the arcane spell list. You can cast this cantrip as an arcane innate spell at will. A cantrip is heightened to a spell level equal to half your level rounded up.
Otherworldly Magic
You have five specialties: hefting barrels, drinking, polishing steins, drinking, and drinking. You worked in a bar, where you learned how to hold your liquor and rowdily socialize.

Choose two ability boosts. One must be to Constitution or Charisma, and one is a free ability boost.

You're trained in the Diplomacy skill and the Alcohol Lore skill. You gain the Hobnobber skill feat.
Barkeep; 1:

Prerequisites trained in Diplomacy

You are skilled at learning information through conversation. The Gather Information exploration activity takes you half as long as normal (typically reducing the time to 1 hour). If you’re a master in Diplomacy and you Gather Information at the normal speed, when you attempt to do so and roll a critical failure, you get a failure instead. There is still no guarantee that a rumor you learn with Gather Information is accurate.
Class: Champion (Liberator); 1:
Unimpeded Step [R]
With a burst of divine liberation, your ally’s movement from your Liberating Step is unaffected by difficult terrain, greater difficult terrain, narrow surfaces, and uneven ground.
Unimpeded Step

STR 12; DEX 18; CON 12; INT 12; WIS 10; CHA 14
Ancestry: +DEX, +INT, +CHA. -CON
Background: +DEX, +CON
Class: +DEX
Other: +STR, +DEX, +CON, +CHA

Palidore's father took him to sea with him - or - well - Palidore's father's master took THEM to sea with HIM. Life - as close as it could be called as such - for a slave on the merchant vessel was tiresome, and downright putrid work - but at least they had each other.

And then they didn't.

With his father lost to a storm, Palidore quickly tired of moving cargo, preparing meals, and swabbing the deck - always swabbing the deck.. always. Without his father around, he bore the brunt of the mate's punishments, until the masters finally tired of the troublesome youth, and sold him off to one of the warehouses in Kintargo. He was still moving crates around - but no cooking... and no swabbing of the deck! Slave life - as it was now - was really not as bad as it was before...

Until it was.

As the fire swept through the warehouse, many other slaves burned - Palidore's brawny build, however, allowed him to break through the piles of rubble and escape the blaze - right into the whips. Since he was the only slave to survive the fire, he was set to blame for it, and punished soundly. The warehouse owner, however, had lost far too much to the fire, and began to liquidate his assets, which included Palidore - who went at market to a sizeable household far inland nearly to Isger. This family was fond of hunting, and the strong but swift little halfling slave was quite the boon for their trophy room. He had actually started to enjoy life.

But then he didn't.

After a year or so of assisting the adults of the family with their hunts, he found himself dealing with something he had not dealt with before - feelings. As the hunts continued, Palidore started to form an attachment to the creatures of the woods he was tasked to prowl - an attachment that would shape thing to come - for as his masters were closing in on a pair of young fawns and their large buck, he felt a rage grow in him, and he lashed out at lead huntsman - charging - no, prancing - fast at the mounted man, leaping, and bringing him to the dirt. As blood pooled around the fallen hunter, the enraged halfling continued to bound out into the woods - comfortable in the thought that while he would most assuredly be caught, punished, and most likely killed for his actions - the fawns would have a chance to grown older in a freedom he would never know.

A week later, Cheliax had lost hold of the lands around him, making rise to a new rebellious nation, and slave hunting all but ceased. Still, he could not stay there, and made his way east, finding himself in the small town of Breachill, where his lack of any real skills, practical or otherwise, has brought him to the Call for Heroes.

Stat SummaryPolidore Swabison
Ancestry: Halfling (
Gutsy Halfling
Your family line is known for keeping a level head and staving off fear when the chips were down, making them wise leaders and sometimes even heroes. When you roll a success on a saving throw against an emotion effect, you get a critical success instead.
Gutsy); 1:
You were forced into service as a laborer, either pressed into indentured servitude or shackled by the evils of slavery, but you’ve since escaped and have trained to ensure you’ll never be caught again. Whenever you roll a success on a check to Escape or a saving throw against an effect that would impose the grabbed or restrained condition on you, you get a critical success instead. Whenever a creature rolls a failure on a check to Grapple you, they get a critical failure instead. If a creature uses the Grab ability on you, it must succeed at an Athletics check to grab you instead of automatically grabbing you.
Unfettered Halfling
Until recently, the nation of Ravounel was part of the larger nation of Cheliax, where the church of Asmodeus is the law and slaves are traded freely in the open market. You had the poor fortune to be born into slavery, but the good luck to have grown up in the city of Kintargo. When Ravounel seceded from Cheliax, the leaders of this new nation freed all slaves, and you’ve wasted no time in exploring and establishing your new life. How and why you’ve come to Breachill is left to you to decide—but the fact that you feel empowered to determine your own destiny continues to drive you!

The chance to become an adventurer has excited you for some time, as you hope to build a new life for yourself as a hero rewarded with fame and fortune. Joining the Call for Heroes is a great opportunity to find a group to adventure with.

Choose two ability boosts. One must be Dexterity or Charisma, and one is a free ability boost. You’re trained in the Stealth skill and the Kintargo Lore skill. You gain the Terrain Stalker skill feat.
Emancipated; 1:

Prerequisites trained in Stealth

Select one type of difficult terrain from the following list: rubble, snow, or underbrush. While undetected by all non-allies in that type of terrain, you can Sneak without attempting a Stealth check as long as you move no more than 5 feet and do not move within 10 feet of an enemy at any point during your movement. This also allows you to automatically approach creatures to within 15 feet while Avoiding Notice during exploration as long as they aren’t actively Searching or on guard.

Special You can select this feat multiple times. Each time, choose a different type of terrain.
Terrain Stalker (Undergrowth)
Class: Barbarian (Deer Instinct); 1:
With a quick sprint, you dash up to your foe and swing. Stride twice. If you end your movement within melee reach of at least one enemy, you can make a melee Strike against that enemy. You can use Sudden Charge while Burrowing, Climbing, Flying, or Swimming instead of Striding if you have the corresponding movement type.
Sudden Charge

STR 18; DEX 14; CON 12; INT 8; WIS 12; CHA 10
Ancestry (w/variant flaws): -/+/+STR, +DEX, -INT, +WIS, -CHA
Background: +STR, +CHA
Class: +STR
Other: +STR, +DEX, +CON, +WIS

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