Zinzo, Goblin Ranger

Name: Zinzo
Ancestry: Goblin (Unbreakable)
Gender: Male
Class: Ranger
Background: Emancipated
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Role: Combat, Tracker, Medic. [Seeks to help other martials in combat by providing flanking and fighting in melee, skilled in medicine and many survival skills]
Goals: Seeks a new life through the fame and fortune that adventuring brings. Wants to find somewhere to belong.
Appearance: Standing at just over 3 feet tall, Zinzo doesn't strike a very imposing figure. His hardiness from a life of fighting in animal pits more than makes up for it though. He's covered in numerous scratches, scars, and animal bites, and he often tries to hide these behind a rather large scarf. Apart from that, he bears the typical features one would expect from a goblin: greenish skin, red eyes, and an oversized bald head. His most prominent feature is the rather large grin he wears constantly.
Backstory: Zinzo was born a lowly goblin slave in the nation of Cheliax. Clanless and small, his life expectancy was almost nil, and yet Zinzo survived. After a childhood of hard labor, he was sent to Kintargo alongside a caravan of wild animals to fight for the entertainment of others. He faced vicious beasts of all kinds, every one of them just as intent on survival as he was, but Zinzo managed to emerge victorious for a number of years. He survived by learning everything he could about the beasts he fought against, where to stab and what to look out for. Even then, the fights kept getting deadlier and deadlier. Luckily for Zinzo, the Archduchy of Ravounel finally seceded from Cheliax, and the city of Kintargo became free. Zinzo was liberated and given a few gold pieces for "reparations". He took the money, bought the angriest beast he could still find in the pits, and left to start a new life.

Unfortunately, his skills (and his heritage) made him unwelcome in most civilized establishments. Zinzo had few options available to him, and he couldn't ingratiate himself with any goblin tribes he came across. When the Call for Heroes came out, Zinzo leapt at the chance to earn his fortune in any way possible. With nothing to lose, and an angry partner to keep fed, he headed off towards the Wizard's Grace tavern.
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