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Elf Arcanist / School Savant Level 5

Elf Arcanist / School Savant Level 5

Hello and Good Day

I come seeking Advice and Wisdom on Building an Arcanist (Generalist or a school Savant)

I Would normally choose to be a Blaster But I want to keep away from that sort of thing

I Kinda want to specialize in a school but I am unsure what school.

Part of me is thinking Necromancy but I want something that'll be decent

or would a generalist be better

I am never played a full caster before

(Also Race) Human for The Feat or Elf for the extra point per level in my pool

I love the Arcanist, but you might be better served trying the Exploiter Wizard archetype. I'd compare the builds at level 5 and see what you like more (probably with Pathbuilder, which is excellent). I prefer the plain Arcanist for the variety and utility, but if you're set on the class and don't want to be a blaster (which a Wizard or Sorcerer may be better suited to), then the Unlettered Arcanist doesn't give up much, and you get a Familiar and the Witch spell list. Makes a unique caster, and I think you can combine School Savant with Unlettered Arcanist and get real funky.

EDIT: don't be full-on necromancer unless your GM is cool with it. Or if you like the idea of summoning/minions, the Occultist Arcanist gets the Planar Ally stuff and extends the duration of their summons by quite a bit.

The biggest thing for casters is picking decent spells. As an Arcanist you are basically a Sorcerer but you can swap your spells out day by day. For the most part, though, regular Sorcerer advice applies. I also recommend Quick Study because it breaks that basic limitation that Sorcerers have - now you can learn a bunch of niche utility spells you would never normally prepare, and pull them out only if you really need them.

I do like Exploiter Wizard as an alternative as you get the accelerated casting too. However if this is your first caster, honestly, the bigger deal is just figuring out which sorts of spells to use when. If you cast lame blasting spells all the time, you will be disappointed. If you're not sure, stick to the classics - Enlarge Person (but beware the slow casting time), Grease, Glitterdust, Web, Colour Spray, Haste, etc. Necromancy is an OK school but doesn't have most of the best spells. Ray of Enfeeblement got nerfed but it's still decent. The touch spells can be good but not for the typical caster.

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