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Jun Yoshizawa, Masked Entropic Sage

Like it a lot so far, keep it up

But who watches the watcher?

I'd assume that's part of Yoshiaki's role. Either that or there could be something more sinister going on with that as well. Another option is to simply have a network of magical girls who handle this role so that they watch each other.

There aren't that many. Yoshiaki is the most reasonable candidate here... I'll need you to tell me more about your relationship with him.

In this case, there was probably some manipulation, some understanding due to Yoshiaki's role. Yoshiaki probably genuinely cared for Jun like he did for the other magical girls, but he also impressed upon her that if she was not the one who took this role specifically, there would be others who would take her place, maybe those less suited to it due to their powers not fitting as well Jun's does. Jun probably would have come to some amount of resignation that everyone falls into their roles and she views Yoshiaki as having done the same as Jun has come to grow up.

So there would be tension when Yoshiaki tells her to do the ugly stuff, but she does it because at least Yoshiaki seems to care a little bit.

I can get behind that. Go for it


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