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When you open a game forum, those links at the top of the first thread there is a link called forum, how does one get that.
Gotcha! Okay, so you're getting yourself completely out of order, but I get it.

First, you need to create your game forum, via the Create a New Game button I mentioned earlier. Fill all that stuff out on the following screen then hit submit. Bam, you got a game forum.

Take some time to tweak your forum to the way you want it (creating folders, posting a character creation rules thread, etc) - you do whatever you need to do. Then you'll need an ad.

You'll notice in the above image, that once you have a game forum created, you can create a game ad thread for everyone to see. It's what I have circled in red there. The ad will automatically have a link to the game forum, the one you're looking for.

Does that help?