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Fallen World

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Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e

I am seeking 1 player to join a group that includes a cleric, druid and swordsage. I am looking for a mage or skilled character (bard, rogue, you get the idea). You are free to create NPCs within reason (teachers, parents, siblings, partners, ect) while writing your back stories, but if you give yourself the legendary Excalibur that you won in a game of poker, you might not get in :P

Books: I have almost all except setting books, but if there is something rare you want to use... Let me know what book you are looking in.

Level 3, 32 point, Gold standard (no more then 1/2 on one item)
LA +1 (if you ask me about it first)

Description: 1+ paragraph
Personality: 1+ paragraph
Back story: 3+ paragraphs
Roleplay sample (game you are in or small in character sample (or write your backstory from your character's perspective, be creative), just something so I can see your writing style)

Game Description:

It was almost 300 years since the world ended, or so the elders say. It started with what they called the first of the superbugs... No vaccine or cure could be found to fight it. One by one, the medicines of the world seemed to stop to function, and a hundred years of medical knowledge seemed to slip out the window. Than machines started to break down... From the most complicated of supercomputers to the lowest of little gizmos that people seemed to take for granted. The large cities became death traps, as those whose skills were more suited for the office struggled to make it in this new world.

It is said that close to 6 billion people died that first year alone, and humanity itself seemed to be heading on the fast track to extinction. No one knew why this happened... Some suspected that God had abandoned the world, either through our own choices or from giving up on mankind. Governments all over the world broke down, factions split off in a desperate struggle for survival.

275 years ago was the first known occurrence of magic. While rumors say that it was someone in the middle east, it spread throughout the world like wildfire. No one was sure why some had the gift for the arcane, but these early mages were worth their weight in gold.

Fifty years later, the gods arrived into the world. At first people were sceptical of these new powers, clinging to the faith of their grandfathers. As the years stretched on, the temples of Pelor and Boccob seemed to become as easily locatable as the churches and temples of old.

It is about this time that people started to notice that humans did not the only ones on this planet. Maybe they had always been here, hiding in plain sight... Maybe they are how people mutated to adapt in this brave new world. Those who fled to the mountains were said to become what we know as dwarves, Elves to the forests, and all numbers of other variants upon the human condition.

The cities of old are little more than ruins now... Many of what had once been thriving metropolises became little more than wastelands, where little more than dangers await those who are willing to delve for treasures of the past.

The year is 238 NE, and a story of new heroes is about to begin in a little fishing community called Issaquah the end edges of Lake Sammamish... Though the original meanings might be lost unto the sands of time, the names held.

This sounds really cool, certainly worth an afternoon. I'm considering a bard or perhaps a rogue, the image of a rugged lute toting comic relief comes to mind. How combat oriented is the game? I once played a Rogue who was a chronic liar with no ranks in bluff that made for some hilarious situations.

Just a friendly reminder, applications go here. They will only be considered if they are posted here.

Also, it should be noted that I prefer rollplay over roleplay (Meaning, an awesome bluff might beat out a bad bluff check just because I want to see how it plays out), and I prefer exciting creative characters over the "I can do zomg damage, fly and shoot lightning out of my _____."

@DM Bot: Combat happens when you guys seek it out or it seeks you out. It really comes down to how you guys want your adventure to go as I only have so much control over what PCs do or don't do. If you want to journey over the mountains to defeat the ancient dragon for it's gold (wait, wait... plot of the hobbit), then awesome. If you want to turn the world into a socialistic dream world using just your wits, go right ahead.

Character Name: Teddy the Urchin
Gender/Race: Male Human
Class: Soulknife/Rogue
Alignment: NG

Just a friendly reminder, applications go here. They will only be considered if they are posted here.

Note, those who post in the roster will find that I will skip over your application when it comes time to pick as I will only look here. Also, I am going to delete any application to the roster thread at the end of today, so it might be beneficial to everyone to make sure it makes it here. Its not like I posted the above 4 times already >.>

Name Bob The Cat http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetvie...sheetid=455242
Class Beguiler, or wizard/rog really depends what the DM would like more.
Race Awaked Cat http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/SRD:Awaken
Alignment True Neutral

Back story: Bob was a innocent cat like any other creature, that trailed along the city chasing mice, frolic among the felines in heat, and even finding a good place to rest in the sunlight at times. The village was an active over abundant place, even after the horrible reckoning of the past, bob had no such memory of it, after all he was just a cat. The elves near the village though, were not such a sober lot, even among the druids converting many a berry into a wine, making a jolly fine time with the villages.

Bob sadly...was not having such a jolly old time

the elves feeling rather naughty that night, decided to trap bob into a cage. Was the cage metal, wood , or just a plastic bag. Bob does not exactly remember, all bob knows is that, well life is not fair. The druids with their chanting and drunk rivlery, that would later come down to be known as the villages longest party ever.

Later that morning, the caged animal was found trapped around a circle of runes, the mix of sounds coming with a yelping of help that mixed with a yowl . The villagers looked confused down at the animal slowly undoing the ratty looking cage, as the beast bolted out . Looking about stumbling for words eyes frantic " wha....wha...what happen to me no ..this what ..how ..who .."

The villagers screaming out " El diablo!! a Devil is in the cat ! A Devil!"

Among them a cleric of Pelor walked up, noticing the magic for that of nature not of diabloists, holding up his holy sign as a shining sun blasted the area with holy blaze. The cat yelping and shaking side to side tail twitching as he yowled curling arch up " Stop that damn it, to damn bright" His tail twitching annoyed scattering about the village chasing along the dirt, as the cleric called out " HALT, that cat is NOT EVIL!"

The Villagers halted looking confused back towards the cleric shaking there heads unsure of what to think , looking towards the cat as it ran towards the temple long seeking refuge even as the wheel of time kept turning the cat growing to become use to intelligent thoughts.

Sorry about the misunderstanding...

Name: Kaidan
Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Originally Posted by KellyCat View Post
I prefer exciting creative characters over the "I can do zomg damage, fly and shoot lightning out of my _____."
That sounds pretty damn exciting to me, tbh.


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