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Fallen World

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Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e

I am seeking 1 player to join a group that includes a cleric, druid and swordsage. I am looking for a mage or skilled character (bard, rogue, you get the idea). You are free to create NPCs within reason (teachers, parents, siblings, partners, ect) while writing your back stories, but if you give yourself the legendary Excalibur that you won in a game of poker, you might not get in :P

Books: I have almost all except setting books, but if there is something rare you want to use... Let me know what book you are looking in.

Level 3, 32 point, Gold standard (no more then 1/2 on one item)
LA +1 (if you ask me about it first)

Description: 1+ paragraph
Personality: 1+ paragraph
Back story: 3+ paragraphs
Roleplay sample (game you are in or small in character sample (or write your backstory from your character's perspective, be creative), just something so I can see your writing style)

Game Description:

It was almost 300 years since the world ended, or so the elders say. It started with what they called the first of the superbugs... No vaccine or cure could be found to fight it. One by one, the medicines of the world seemed to stop to function, and a hundred years of medical knowledge seemed to slip out the window. Than machines started to break down... From the most complicated of supercomputers to the lowest of little gizmos that people seemed to take for granted. The large cities became death traps, as those whose skills were more suited for the office struggled to make it in this new world.

It is said that close to 6 billion people died that first year alone, and humanity itself seemed to be heading on the fast track to extinction. No one knew why this happened... Some suspected that God had abandoned the world, either through our own choices or from giving up on mankind. Governments all over the world broke down, factions split off in a desperate struggle for survival.

275 years ago was the first known occurrence of magic. While rumors say that it was someone in the middle east, it spread throughout the world like wildfire. No one was sure why some had the gift for the arcane, but these early mages were worth their weight in gold.

Fifty years later, the gods arrived into the world. At first people were sceptical of these new powers, clinging to the faith of their grandfathers. As the years stretched on, the temples of Pelor and Boccob seemed to become as easily locatable as the churches and temples of old.

It is about this time that people started to notice that humans did not the only ones on this planet. Maybe they had always been here, hiding in plain sight... Maybe they are how people mutated to adapt in this brave new world. Those who fled to the mountains were said to become what we know as dwarves, Elves to the forests, and all numbers of other variants upon the human condition.

The cities of old are little more than ruins now... Many of what had once been thriving metropolises became little more than wastelands, where little more than dangers await those who are willing to delve for treasures of the past.

The year is 238 NE, and a story of new heroes is about to begin in a little fishing community called Issaquah the end edges of Lake Sammamish... Though the original meanings might be lost unto the sands of time, the names held.

I agree with roleplaying over rollplaying, yes, which is why I have used Catfolk before. My first game on MW was with a Catfolk Duskblade, but unfortunately it died. I would have submitted him here if he fit, I just didn't feel that he did. I'm playing a Catfolk Bard in another game though and he's loads of fun.

I prefer artathi from Mythic Races over catfolk. Same concept, no LA and flexible depending on the type of cat you are.

Currently we don't have a sneak/scout... So I left it open to a mage or sneak as both have good uses. There are a lot of great choices to fill either role. I would adjust how I ran the game based on what I took (fewer traps if there is no rogue, fewer arcane things if no wizard).

Catfolk are well worth the LA, though. The stats are great, you get fast movement and NA, and best of all you can take Catfolk Pounce, which is a lame form of Pounce it's true, but it's still Pounce (and given the high Dex you'll have the Initiative to use it).

I totally agree that they are worthwhile and deserving of LA. It's more that I have extreme difficulty with understanding how LA works. The few times I've tried to use it I have been confused by the rules, especially since each DM told me different things to do with it.

Just treat it like an extra level. If you have a +1 LA, then when everyone else if L5, you're only L4 (but treated like a L5 character). When everyone is L12, you're L11, etc.

That seems the simplest way to do it. But some DMs had me doing buy off, some had me getting different amounts of experience to level differently, it sort of made things seem complicated to me. Then again I might have been making it seem more complicated than it was.

Buy-off does complicate it a bit, but in essence you just lose a level's worth of XP to lose an LA. That means that you can gain levels quicker because the XP to go back up is lower, which means it punishes you less at higher levels.

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