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Thus far I have been highly impressed with the nWoD systems. Don't know much about Geist, but count me in as a player!

I was hoping for this one, the thing about being impressed and not knowing about the game, almost thought you would say "but screw it, I will be ST"

I am in the same boat as everyone else, love Geist, would love to run Geist, do no have time to run a game.

Appriciate the thought, at least. =D

Maybe this is some obscure ceremony, whereby gathering enough interest in one place, a storyteller will emerge! Eh, eh?

If so let me add my interest to the pile. And the heart of a cirgin, all good dark rituals need virgin hearts.

Cause it can't hurt, some Rum and Cigars to work the voodoo

I'd need to play a single game of Geist before I'd be willing to ST it, because I'm just not comfortable with everything it's got going on or the full extent of the lore. Unfortunately, every Geist game I've ever jumped in on has died within the first battery of in-character posts.


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