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Username Change Request

If it helps, I've noticed that apostrophes or quotation marks tend to act weird in a few other places. Quotation marks can mess up on character sheets (such as when you use them to input your height), and apostrophes show up weird in the Spoiler box until you click on it. Case in point:

Could I please have mine changed to:

fyre syde
fyre rp

(In order of preference)

If one of those aren't taken? For some reason while I was finding a name that wasn't taken it suddenly completed my registration with a misspelling.

Change account name

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Message:Hello, I would like to change my account name from thredone to steve5845. thanks!

Merged into existing (and sticky) thread


Please I'd like to have my usename changed to


I've got a few questions about Username change.

1) Does it change the way we make logins?
2) What happens to all the previous "private" and "privatefrom" tags in which my old username was part? Will I not be able to see what I was meant to, and will now be able to see all the content I wasn't supposed to?

Thanks for the input.

1) Yes, you will have to log in with the new username. Name changes shouldn't be made to align your username with a character name in a game.
2) Previous tags will no longer be visible to you. How widespread this is used should inform your decision on whether to seek a username change.

This guidance will be added to the top post.

If you would be so kind, could you change my username to (in order of preference with top being most preferred):


Thank you in advance!

Goomy_ it is!


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