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Rogue Trader

I am looking for one or two new players for the Rogue Trader game I am running. I'm willing to consider anything without significant overlap with the existing players.

To date the group has run several salvage missions, plundered a xeno world, dealt with a band of pirates. And is currently assaulting a primitive fortress world for fun and plunder.

The current roster consists of the rogue trader, a gunnery focused void master, an explorator, a seneschal, and a Tau firwarrior.

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I am interested. What Rank/XP? Any offical sources not allowed?

As for pilot are you looking for small craft or bigger ships?

In addition to the previous things, how are we being brought into the ship?

Start at default rank. You can use all the books. A pilot for the bigger ships.

How you are brought on will depends on your characters background, but most likely you'll be promoted from the ranks.

Kroot maybe, but no Dark Eldar.

What about Ork?

when you say pilot... do you mean voidship pilot, Small craft pilot, or navigator?

edit: also, does anyone know of any rules to play a craftworld eldar... i'd love to look into that (mostly for personal reference)

Honestly I am willing to allow all xenos except dark eldar, because dark eldar mechanics require torture that would not fit in this game. But having said that I would much prefer human characters as it is a pain to work out how xenos would join the group. So if you're going to go that route make sure your character is well written and has a good reason to be allowed on a rogue trader vessel.

I mean voidship pilot.

second question: would you mind tweaking the rules a bit to allow one of the more accepted and stable strains of Abhumans (such as a Felinind mysteriously far from home or a surviving Squat just trying to make his way). I'd be willing to work with you to modify an appropriate home world or to create a Lineage

if not it's fine, just asking

also (after looking over your PCs to make sure nothing I'm thinking up has "too much overlap") are you sure you need a pilot? the Void-Masters that appear to be in your game isn't a gunner, they appear to possess Mastery of Space and are very good pilots. It just sounds to me like you're looking for more of the same. or am I wrong?


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