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Garrard Vanderhart ~ Possessed Fist

Garrard Vanderhart ~ Possessed Fist

Garrard grew up on the mean streets of Heimdallr, raised in a brothel, and born to one if it's most talented mistresses. It's unknown who his actual father is and nor does he care. Growing up he had to defend his and his mother's honor with his fists on more than one occasion, getting him into trouble more often than not. As he grew bigger he became a self appointed bouncer, one day throwing a drunken nobleman and his bodyguard out a window, resulting in his current predicament. Arrested and facing charges, someone seems to have interceded on his behalf and he was given the choice of jail...or school.

I'm not familiar with the setting, so this concept might not be what you're looking for.

There are things I like, and things I don't like. I mean, the brothel background is cool, but how does a street kid with unknown father suddenly gain access to tge tech to essentially make himself a cyborg? Also, "we sentence you to school" seems like a very lenient punishment, given the circumstances o.O

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