[WITHDRAWN] Hilda Gislasdottr aka Keska, the Black Sheep - Myth-Weavers


[WITHDRAWN] Hilda Gislasdottr aka Keska, the Black Sheep

[WITHDRAWN] Hilda Gislasdottr aka Keska, the Black Sheep

Status: Work in Progress
Important Information
Real name: Keska Starrsberg
Hilda Gislasdottr
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Social Caste: Commoner
Class: Warpriest
Weapon of Choice: Battleaxe

The Wild CardHilda Gislasdottr
AKA Keska Starrsberg

Hilda Gislasdottr is the pride and joy of the village chief in a small nomadic tribe that roams the Northern Highlands near Lake Lacrima. She is a skilled hunter, a champion rider, and a good person. Her parents have scraped together everything they had, and quite a few donations from the rest of the tribe, to apply for a spot in Thors Academy.

This is not Hilda.

This is Keska Starrsberg, the black sheep of the village, the wallflower, the wild card. She is a clumsy archer, a graceless rider, the only thing she has any skill with is her axe although at least she is quite remarkable with that. Her father is a woodcutter, her mother a shepherdess, they don’t have two gold coins between them. And Keska has just done something terrible.

On the run from her only home, fate brought her into the path of a courier who had been making his way to her very village when his vehicle broke down. Tired and in a rush to return to the city, the courier begged her to take his package and deliver it for him. And suddenly Keska found herself looking at an invitation to the most prestigious military academy in the kingdom and a choice.

Deliver the package. Face her actions. Suffer the consequences.

Or… assume a new identity.

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