[COMPLETE] Emilyn Croix - Myth-Weavers


[COMPLETE] Emilyn Croix

[COMPLETE] Emilyn Croix

Name: Emilyn Croix
Race: Human
Class: Gunslinger
Weapon: Rifle

Oooooh we have a last-sec application. I'm totally fine with what you have in mind for her mom's side, by the way. Are you ready to be marked complete? If not, please note that the deadline is in exactly 2 hours and 54 minutes, so you should probably hurry...

Considering my home internet just went down for reasons I don’t have time to troubleshoot right this moment, it’s ready as it’s gonna get right now ‘cuz I’m not messing with this on my phone.

Main thing not done is gear. But honestly, living at the school, the main important things are dog and armor, so that’s simple enough.

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