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Amber Sheffield

Amber Sheffield

I'm a temporary flame about to flicker out... so I'll burn anyone who tries to hurt me or my friends!

Wow! I never knew the city could be this big! Look at all this food! I want three bowls of that ramen, and two of those tacos as well!... of course I can finish it! I'm a chef myself you know, I wouldn't be that disrespectful!

No, please... I just don't want to lose anyone again...
Basic InfoFull Name: Amber Sheffield
Height: 5'5"
Weight: Try asking again!
Occupation: Student
Social Status: Nobility
AppearancePeople can attract the attention of other in various ways. Sometimes it is the physical appearance of an individual, and other times it can be the general aura and personality. Being around Amber is like being around a continuous firecracker. Energetic and upbeat, Amber always seems to have more in her. While she doesn't go things for the sake of attention, she does often end up at its center. Of course, this is helped by her appearance. Blue eyed with pale skin, most people would describe Amber as attractive. But the first people notice is always crimson hair. Long and flowing, her family use to joke that it looked like her head was constantly on fire.

While long hair is often a sign of nobility, in this case that would be an incorrect assumption, as Amber holds no such position. When not wearing her uniform, she tends to casual clothes that are looser and more comfortable instead of gravitating to fancy dresses. The way she carries herself would be shameful to a noble, as her free willed nature seems reflected in her behavior. That being said, after getting to know her, one might eventually see that some of her daily actions are forced, almost as if the endless energy serves to hide something more...
Pyrokinesis, Agility, Ranged Combat, Cooking
Good Food, Bad Food, Singing, A Warm Fire
Rain, Introspection, Rules, Time
Losing People, Helplessness, Loss of Control
StatsAmber Sheffield
Female Human Kineticist , Level 1, Init 6, HP 13/13, Speed 30
AC 18, Touch 14, Flat-footed 14, CMD 14, Fort 6, Ref 6, Will 2, CMB 0, Base Attack Bonus 0
Fire Blast +5 (1d6+3, 20)
Chain Shirt (+4 Armor, +4 Dex)
Abilities Str 11, Dex 18, Con 18, Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 10
Condition None

People say that your personality is a result of two things, some inheritance from your parents, and the environment in which you live. But for Amber, this defiantly leans more heavily in one direction, and it isn't the one most people suspect when looking at her and comparing Amber to her mother. Amber is a eye-catching and notable individual, partially because of her physical appearance, but equally so because of how she acts. Energetic and outgoing, Amber can easily become the center of attention in a crowd. Whether is be on a walk home from class, or in the fact of life threatening adversity, Amber charges forward, refusing to let the smile on her face dissipate, this is what others see in the girl, the daughter of a great and fearless leader. Today, Amber still highly enjoys cooking and it is likely because of her mother's influence that this is the case.

It is easy to become casual friends with Amber and most people within the city of Aran who've met her have positive opinions on her. She can hang out with various different people each day. While she is not especially talented at attracting people, it is her attitude and helpful nature that causes people to flock to her. She is a fast learner and has many hobbies, trying everything and anything... especially when it comes to food. People often say it is unfair, the sheer quantity of food that she can consume while looking like she does, saying the genes she inherited shouldn't exist on this plane of existence.

Amber seems fearless, charging into danger in order to protect others. She cares for her friends and is self sacrificing to a dangerously reckless extent. She doesn't quite seem like nobility, instead acting like a crude commoner. However, appearances can often times be deceiving, it is not often what is on the outside clearly mirrors what is underneath. Amber strives to live up to the legacy of her mother, her personality and beliefs are structured entirely off this principle. It surprises people to find out that as a child Amber was actually soft spoken and quite, but after her mother's death she had a bit of a transformation, one that others don't quite understand. A secret of her's that few outside of her immediate family know is that she has a chronic illness that will likely claim her life in her mid 20's and that her mother died trying to find a cure. In order to cope with the guilt of the situation and the fear within her, Amber threw away everything she knew and attempted to devote herself to a concept, the one that others think of her mother, so that the people of Aran can look up to her in the same way.

However, while Amber herself may not realize it, in many ways her personality is a front. She hasn't ever dealt with the guilt or sadness, instead choosing to lock it up. Amber stubborn refuses any kind of introspection and will always attempt to drive a topic away from herself and her past/family when it comes up. Amber has developed a great fear of helplessness, the idea that there are problems beyond her, quite ironic since that's pretty much been the story of his life, more reason for her not to look back. She doesn't wish to lose anyone else and often people are kept at a bit of a distance because of this despite her friendly nature. She fears that if she confronts her past she will find her current self to be fake and unsustainable.

In order to prevent this, Amber lives out her life never looking back, running into problems headfirst. She gets very little to no rest and expends all her energy each day. She dislikes downtime and always does out of her way to be active, often leading to bouts of exhaustion. A mix of a refusal to open up, a wanting to be saved, and a need to help others, Amber lives every day as if it is her last. She still loves her family very much and wishes not be a problem for them and hoping she can bring some benefit by joining the military, but knows it is unlikely since she hasn't really planned out what she is going to do, taking each step one at a time,
Notable Individuals
Other Notes
I'm not familiar with this setting, as such I hope that nothing written here contradicts existing lore. If so, feel free to let me know and it will change. I also don't know the story of the game so I'm perfectly fine with her family or other problems never coming up as I assume we will be following whatever plotline exists within the game. Also, I know her preferred weapon isn't listed, but it is likely throwing knives or something of the sort.

I work on the weekdays, which means most of my replies will be evening times, although there might be exceptions to this rule as if work is light I sometimes get posting in during the day. Weekends I can normally find time for at least 1 - 2 posts. My general posting length varies, as when I'm a bit tighter on time the posts can be rather short, that being said I try to stay consistent.

Alright, was a bit short on time so I just crammed everything I could today. The app should be complete! (Although since I did everything last second, there is a chance I'm missing one or two small things, apologies if this turns out to be the case)

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