The decision has been made! - Myth-Weavers


The decision has been made!

The decision has been made!

As promised, I said I'll post my decision for the PC picks of this campaign on the 26th. As of now, it is 2:09 AM Central time.

Congrats to @Blick, @Jeeper, @dhemon, @RedRajah, and @Lunermyst for your submissions and for making it in. I initially said I'll be choosing four players, but all applications were good enough for me to consider five people. However I do want Lunermyst to write a background by the time the game begins. It is the only piece missing out of your application.

As for everyone else, thank you for submitting your applications. Believe me, I browsed through every single one of them and the decision was hard enough to warrant five picks instead of four. While it is part of life in Myth-Weavers, the time you took to write an application is appreciated, and I will definitely contact you if any of these players drop out or get kicked.

Thank you all for applying. The game begins on January 1st.

Any room?

The thread isn't locked, so I looked, and liked what I saw.

If there is room, or if someone skips out...let me know. I would like to step up.

R. Gooey.

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