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RIFTWAR - A long-term 5e adventure.

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RIFTWAR - A long-term 5e adventure.

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Intro:Hi all,

I'm Rev73 and this will be my first (and perhaps only, who knows) attempt to run a campaign on MythWeavers. I'm a long time D&D nerd that loves the game, a good story, and the MW community.

I'm looking for four "I'm in this for the long haul" players who meet a stringent criterion of acceptance. I've seen too many games start strong and fold and I'm hoping for something special. I'm open to old vets and newbies alike and will select the four best apps when the application period is done.

If you'd like to know more, click HERE and check out the Character Creation details that should answer many questions. Otherwise, feel free to use the QUESTIONS THREAD to find out more.

The game will be PbP on Myth Weavers but a Discord channel for Riftwar conversations has been created. Feel free to join HERE.

Let's do this!

Game Description:


Faerun - 1686 DR - City of Myth Drannor, Cormanthor

It's been a year since the Mythal bell rang and your future path set. You did the rounds for two years prior; three months here, three months there, always with other potentials. When The Election came, the four of you were chosen:

-Squire to the Knight Prince himself, Alejandro Cavarubios, defender of Myth Drannor.
-Student of Gannon Matthiason, archmage and advisor to the Knight Prince.
-Acolyte of Gronlim Ograduum, bishop, barkeep and blacksmith.
-Apprentice to Merith Rhistel, master runner and reconnoiter.

You've trained and bled and studied and slept and settled into a routine that should be your life for years, but an unforeseen errand sends your world spiraling. A mysterious encounter unveils a connection between worlds that threatens not only Myth Drannor, but all of Faerun. Will the four be lost in the terror of war, or come together, rise to your potential, and change the course of two worlds?

(Riftwar is very loosely inspired by my favorite fantasy series growing up - The Riftwar Saga by Raymond E. Feist)

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Originally Posted by zpolloock View Post
This looks awesome, and I have a ton of time to make an app.
Great - look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Well this sounds awesome. Long-term and Faerun are two of my favorite things! And after reading a bit on the Riftwar books (I'd never heard of them), it sounds like a really cool setting and theme for a D&D game, and fits into FR nicely with Abeir and Toril.

Definite interest, especially as Magician: Apprentice was the first fantasy book I ever read. Still lots of concepts going through my mind, and plenty of time, but figured I'd ask about a few Unearthed Arcana things to potentially narrow things down:

-Artificer and Mystic
-Skill feats
-Racial restrictions (Battlerager = Dwarf only, Bladesinger = Elf and Half-Elf only)

Let's face it, there is no way I'm not applying to this, so...

* beeline to the drawing board *

This looks spectactular. Given the high standards I may or may not be able to put in an application but I want to applaud the ambition and care behind this ad and this game. Kudos @Rev73 -- and good luck!


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