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And so it all began

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And so it all began

And So It All Began - Forum
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

UbersreikUbersreik’s streets run red with the blood of Reikland. Corpses of good, stout-hearted folk hang from the walls for no crime but obedience to their liege-lords. The Cult of Sigmar demands all honour their noble lords and masters, but the only reward for such loyalty in Ubersreik is a short drop and early passage to Morr’s Realm. None can understand why Altdorf State Soldiers arrived to remove Graf Sigismund von Jungfreud from power. The Emperor claimed the old graf was preparing for war with the Duchy of Wallenstein to the north, that he had marshalled soldiers by the thousand in secret and was ready to strike. But few believe such elaborate claims, for the graf was a fair, strong ruler and beloved of the people. So, nobles and commoners alike gossip like fish-wives from the halls of power to the cheapest tavern. What could cause the Emperor to do this?

Calling all you crazy people out there. Wanna get your WFRP (4th Edition) freak on? Looking for an opportunity to unleash murder and mayhem on the unsuspecting citizens of Ubersreik. Well you have come to the right place!

One of my favourite RPG campaigns of all time was when I picked up the original WFRP hardback from Games workshop. Now that 4th edition has been created by those wonderful people at Cubicle 7, I'm looking for the chance to recreate that feeling of being totally out of control.

if you want to join in the fun come and take a peek at the Character Creation thread and read the guidelines there, ask lots of questions, and start creating your character.

I'm looking for 5 or 6 people, maybe more if there is interest. We will be starting with the adventure from the new starter set so if you have played it before then let me know. I can probably find a way of involving you in the game until that part is done and we move onto other things.

No previous experience is required but craziness is definitely an advantage.

Game Description:

The striking fortress-town of Ubersreik is situated between the gloomy Grey Mountains and the depths of the Reikwald Forest. The town guards the Grey Lady Pass through to Bretonnia, and is one of the busiest trading centres of the Empire. A mighty, Dwarf-built bridge that spans the red waters of the River Teufel stands at its centre. This impressive crossing connects important trade roads from across the Empire and beyond.

However, for all its importance, Ubersreik is in turmoil. Sigismund von Jungfreud, its former duke, was recently stripped of his title by the Emperor for uncertain reasons. Those perceived as too loyal to the old duke were removed from office, leaving a power vacuum that’s yet to be filled. Soldiers from the distant capital of Altdorf now patrol the town and the surrounding province. This stirs deep resentment from suspicious locals.

Nevertheless, life continues unabated, and you find yourselves in Ubersreik’s bustling Market Square on a glorious spring morning, searching for a decent breakfast. Unless there’s something else you would rather buy?

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@BornAgainGamer Would I be okay to apply for this? The game I'm working on wont be starting with the Starter Set adventure but I have read through the first part previously though I have no reason to read through it properly for the next few months!

All I can say is....

I have not played WFRP for decades, so maybe 1st or 2nd edition.
I remember that there were occupations and that you built up from there, moving into advance occupations and so forth.
Like starting out as a rat killer or something...

I do not have the rules but I have played 1st ed. any chance you could help me make a PC? Id like to give playing a shot.

I would love to play this! any chance there is a place I can find the rules, without buying the books just yet?


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