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Weird Hyper Specific Game Request

Weird Hyper Specific Game Request

Hi all.

uh...I don't even know how to approach this.

I have a ridiculously specific 5e campaign I wanted to play that I would love somebody to run.

Party of four. Has to be four.

A brother and a sister, a Monk and a Rogue. The Yin and Yang. The Dark and the Light. Travelling with two others- their body guards assigned by their parents. I want to play the Monk, I need a Rogue brother or sister- I don't really care what sex I play. But I want to play out this dichotomy of Brotherly/Sisterly love Vs Good/Evil. They can never ever kill each other, but one wants to see the world burn and one believes in the world having balance. The monk truly believes through enough good actions they might convince their sibling to stop their "evil" ways. The two body guards are constantly pulling the two apart, or stopping their bickering, and often assisting the Monk to get the Rogue out of trouble.

Note: I don't want a Chaotic Stupid rogue. I want a Chaotic Neutral rogue with a lean to not killing everyone and stealing everything but subtly setting the world ablaze.

Probably best if the guards are a spellcaster and maybe a barbarian? I don't know. All I know is I have a dichotomy in mind and I want to roleplay it.

Very interesting idea. Hope you find some takers for it; sounds like a heck of a story.

So, @ObviouslyTrolling has a Weird Hyper Specific Game Request?

Other than that unfortunate coincidence, I think your idea sounds like fun. Not planning to Referee it myself, but I can wish you luck, right?

If you were looking for 3.5, I would totally put in to be your Rogue sister, btw.
I just can't stomach 5e. >..>
Maybe I'll poke my head in and read some if you do launch, though.

Haha I thought about 3.5 it's just been so long since I played and I've been ridiculously focused on 5e

I can't DM for the life of me, but if this gets off the ground I'd like to play as either of the bodyguards; a very caring and protective person, but whose gullibility constantly finds them assisting in the Rogue's shenanigans perhaps?

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