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Character creation guidelines/Q&A

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Legitimate, SERIOUS question here.
Cavalier, Ghost Rider archetype.
Since we're in a more modern setting, would I be able to pull up a more modern mount? Like, say... the phantasmal "steed" fluffed as a motorcycle? Treat "bite/hoof attacks" as running over with a god damn phantom motorcycle?

No I wouldn't actually make Johnny Blaze (and certainly not Nic Cage's version) or the other Marvel Ghost Riders, as that would also entail turning into a flaming skeleton which is not on my to-do list. If anything it would be closer to the Black Rider / Celty from "Durarara!!" just... again, without the headlessness.

IN ALL SERIOUSNESS, I really love the idea you got there, but sadly there is a problem... The very first motorcycle in the history of the setting will be invented during the story, and it being tested and operated will actually be a plot-relevant event halfway through the campaign, so unfortunately I cannot allow anyone to have motorcycles in their backstories and/or builds. Pity, but that's how it is

Well that shoots my plans for a motorcycle-mancer that summons awakened motorcycles and has Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Motorcycle) out of the water.

Welp, back to my original idea! Will hopefully get this done up tonight, or at least by the weekend

Sort of a two part query;
  • Do we have to be proficient in our weapon of choice? I'm thinking country bumpkin Arcanist, not a lot of weapons she can use at this point but thinking of taking proficiency at level three to highlight the military instruction nature?
  • Are we stuck with our weapon our entire time at school? For example, if I chose a pistol at this stage with Martial Weapon Proficiency (Firearms), is there potential as the game progresses to swap it for an advanced firearm?

I was thinking of having her background as apprenticed to her father (no brothers) who refurbishes firearms, makes ammunition, take Craft (X?) and Knowledge (Engineering) to reflect her trying to learn the family trade, being sent off to the school with a pistol her father taught her to fix up and shoot (though not with any real proficiency). I figure, pretty much any weapon I give her she's going to need *A* feat to make her reasonably proficient with it (Weapon Finesse, for example) as I gave her a fair spread of ability scores (11/16/14/17/10/12), why not make it something that she can use to attack at a distance when she's out of spells?

I'm noticing nobody took languages, and I don't see any hint of them existing on the kiseki wiki. Should I just ignore that?

I know it wasn't listed with your optional systems, but is Variant Multiclassing off the Table?

So quick question. About the "Weapon of Choice". I'm a good way through my app making a Kineticist and I just realized they don't use weapons. Does that matter? I'm not very familiar with this setting so I don't know if I should just flavor the fire stuff as being channeled through some weapon for connivance.

So any suggestions on this matter? If it doesn't really matter, I might just choose an arbitrarily expensive weapon as an heirloom or something that can used if things really don't go well.


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