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[COMPLETE] Shane James

[COMPLETE] Shane James

Shane James
Name: Shane James (Saikov)
Race: Human
Class: Kineticist
Base Stats:
Str: 10 Int: 13
Dex: 18 Wis: 12
Con: 16 Cha: 10
Weapon of Choice: Sabers
Social Background: Commoner

I don't like "swords of any kind", please pick a kind :/
And yes I do require the link to the MW sheet, I stated as much in the creation rules...

This is my first application, so sorry i'm making some mistakes. While I still don't know a great deal, my reading of the rules and procedures here says I can't add a sheet to a game unless i'm part of it. I may also have missed how you wanted me to share it.

How would you prefer me to submit the character sheet?

I also edited the original post to prefer Sabers. If I would chose one to start with it would be a Russian Shaska, but any sabre will be fine.

Please don't confuse "adding" with "sharing": "adding" is a process that allows you to tie a specific sheet to a specific game and, yes, that can only be done once you've been officially accepted in the game itself. But now all I'm asking is that you share your sheet: to do that, just copy the URL of the sheet and post it in this topic o.O

What sort of Drawbacks would be good for a character like this in the story you have planned?

I'm thinking Sentimental, Infamous, or Family Ties.


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