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[COMPLETE] Andrew Caffrey

[COMPLETE] Andrew Caffrey

Name: Andrew Caffrey (prefers to go by his mother's surname, Reese)
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Social Background: Noble, but an illegitimate scion

Race: Human
Class: Magus (Esoteric)
Level: 1
Weapon of Choice: Unarmed

Andrew bears a strong resemblance to his father, knows it, and is not eager to admit it. In particular, they share the same brown hair and cold blue eyes. Andrew is tall for his age and athletically built. He favors casual clothing, with a few extra pockets to hold writing materials. But he does have a couple of nice suits for special occasions. And for when he gets in trouble (quite often), he has a pair of leather gloves with weights sewn into them.

Personality: Andrew wants to know he has control of his life. He enrolled at the Academy to seek a different future from the one his relatives planned for him. That said, he has a sincere interest in journalism. Andrew wants to follow in his late mother's footsteps, and he is of the opinion that if you don't keep an eye on the world around you, it can change with terrifying speed. Especially with people like the nobility in charge.

If it wasn't clear, Andrew has quite the rebellious streak. He despises the idea of being considered superior because of his last name, and has no respect for anyone who believes otherwise. Power should be earned. Not awarded to someone for being born to the right parents. Still, he grudgingly respects (the couple recognized as) his parents. And despite their respective status in the eyes of the House, Andrew considers his sister to be a close friend.

Please note that he does, in fact, understand the importance of prudence, patience, and choosing your battles. He wouldn't make a very good journalist, otherwise. But Andrew can't imagine backing down from a fight when something (someone, more likely) he cares about is involved.



Quote: "You want my advice? Find a friend. Someone you'll be able to trust, no matter what. And return the favor to them. When things get tough, there's a decent chance everyone else will turn their backs on you."

Character Sheet: https://www.myth-weavers.com/sheet.html#id=1638600

Availability: I have work on weekdays, from 10 am to 7 pm, but I should be free at all other times.

Ok so, looking at your personality I don't see any particular "restriction" in regards to the setting: what I mean by this is that the angle you're going for could be played out literally anywhere in the Empire, there isn't an aspect that screams "I must be from that area in particular". I guess the big question here is: how important do you want your family to be? how large is the area they rule over? And how open-minded are they in regard to the changes that are taking place in the Empire? The answers to these questions will help narrow down the general area you might be from, and the kind of life you had growing up. The fact that your father, as I understand it, had an affair with a journalist (which led to your birth) might also play a role, a there are some areas of the Empire where journalism is not as widespread, so those would already be out of the equation.
I particularly like the idea of having a half sister who is the legitimate heir to the House's name: if you're planning for this sister to be younger than you, how about using the game's own Elize for the role? I was looking for an excuse to have her on board, given that in the game she's related to a character who won't exist in our campaign...


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