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[COMPLETE] Andrew Caffrey

I just finished. I'd love to hear your thoughts on my backstory, among other things. I'm sure it could be more concise. Not sure if all of the supernatural elements fit with the setting, either.

While the backstory IS good, I have one objection, which is actually one I've had with plenty of apps for all manners of games in the past: you put a lot of emphasis on the whole bit about losing and regaining powers, about learning to fight for yourself, about making friends, losing friends, fighting friends, going through portals obtaining trinkets and whatnot... But this game is meant for level 1 characters at their first major life experience. I find it hard to justify how someone who's gone through this much, learned this much and grown this much could still somehow be level 1.

Well, I'm glad to hear you liked it. I hope I was able to give you a better idea of Andrew's character. Anyway, let me think about giving him a more grounded backstory. Okay if I run some new ideas by you beforehand? I'd like to know what you expect from a Level 1 character.

Sure, I'm always at your disposal for help.
Generally I tend to imagine level 1 characters as being, like, total noobs to their chosen careers... But in this particular campaign, this is even more emphasized: I mean, you're 16 yo first year students, and the whole plot is set up as a coming of age story, so the fact that you're still quite inexperienced and ingenue is actually a plot point, as growing out of it will be the bulk of your development as the game progresses. Does this clarify matters a little bit?

I think so. Basically, you'd rather Andrew's backstory focus on his origins, motivations for attending the academy, and maybe a major event in his life. Let me try editing what I currently have.


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