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[COMPLETE] Raphael Bergenheim

[COMPLETE] Raphael Bergenheim

Starting to put things together. I'm starting the thread so I can add stuff from the phone while at work.

Name and Surname: Raphael Bergenheim the third

Race: Human

Class: (gun-)alchemist

Level: 1

Base Stats: https://www.myth-weavers.com/sheet.html#id=1638899

Traits:Prince/Princess, Inspiring, Keeper of the Ancestral Scrolls
Drawback: Pride

Weapon of Choice: Revolver

Social Background: Noble

Raphael puts great effort into appearing like a very refined young man, as he has a responsibility to uphold the image a noble should be viewed as. With a straight posture and deliberate steps does he walk around as if he is in full control of his surroundings. When he talks to people he always tries to be precise and decisive when it is about business, in casual conversations he attempts to present himself as superior and generous.
Almost always can Raphael be seen wearing neat and tailored clothes after the latest fashion. The newly red uniforms were a surprise for him, but he appears to not dislike standing out from the rest.

Personality: Convinced that he is something better than the commoners around him Raphael believes that Osborne's bureaucratic system is bound to show how the nobility is better fit for the administrative positions or fail if it gives the commoners a preferrential treatment. From early childhood on Raphael was taught to lead people and control administrative tasks, only having learned how to instruct on or judge the quality of manual labor tasks instead of ever doing them himself. For most of his life he thought that anyone could do a menial task and only the nobles were capable of doing the important administrative work, but both his experiences with the research and crafting of firearms as well as his encounters with lazy and uneducated nobles put cracks into his perception. He became convinced that more than the administrative systems could benefit from nobles focused on those areas as well as the noble hierarchy having a meritocratic side hidden within.

Being an heir to the Albarea house, albeit an unlikely one for being a cousin of the main house and the fifth one in line, Raphael had a constant push to present himself with the dignity expected of someone of his standing. Additionally he had to deal with pressure from his grandfather to find a girl from a good family to continue their family line and maybe even connect it back to the main branch down the line. His grandfather's perspective, that the main branch of the family, especially Helmut, is loosing sight of what made the house great and they are worsening everyone's perception of the nobles, had an impression on Raphael. As such Raphael believes there is a beneficial element in having the approval of the common people while balancing that idea with the need of keeping the seperation between them and the nobility clear.
Having lost his father at a young age to some shrapnel from an artillery shot, Raphael only had his influence focused grandfather and the idolised stories his mother told about his father to look up to as role models. Not much of a surprise is it then, that he has grown up to be a somewhat idealistic person, believing that if he showed himself to be an example to others and managed to build an influential network, that he could achieve greatness.

Raphael's interest in firearms was sparked when he had received his father's old pistol a couple weeks after his death. The battered pistol had clearly seen better days and was an outdated model, and so Raphael's idea that far less families would have to deal with a similar loss if they had better armaments was born. Despite having crafted himself a perfectly functional revolver, the battered pistol is a constant companion and reminder of his ideals for Raphael.
Joining Thors Military Academy had for Raphael several reasons. From utilizing its advanced research facilities, over making connections with other nobles from all around the nation, to proving in direct comparison the difference between a noble and a commoner, while also spreading a positive reputation in the process.

Backstory: Born as the first son of a branch of the Albarea house, Raphael grew up very busy to fulfill the expectations put onto him by his grandfather. While his sister had to learn the proper ladylike things, he was burdened with the things a lord was expected to know. Only on the topics both had to know were they able to interact much. During the little breaks between the riding, literature or lineage lessons did they joke with each other as one of the few little outlets between the pressure on them.
Over the years Raphaels lessons expanded onto economics, military tactics, warfare and other rather boring subjects.
After his father died the family was shaken. And while the bond to his sister and mother grew closer, with the latter telling them great stories of their father every day before sleep, Raphael only received more pressure from his grandfather to become the next head of the household when the grandfather would no longer be able to hold the reigns.

Raphaels interest of firearms was a thorn in his grandfathers eyes, but when Raphael requested to apply to Thors military Academy it did not take much convincing by him and his mother that sending him to a prestigious academy, attended by many other influential nobles, was a good idea.

Notable people:
Olaf Bergenheim.

Being a second son and fully devoted to his family, Olaf never had intentions to lead the Albarea house. Supporting his brother wherever he could Olaf became a sort-of right-hand-man, riding to the villages and provinces to anounce royal decrees, supervise projects or have an eye on the needs of their subjects. Riding out so often, Olaf built a specialized group of knights to accompany him wherever he went.
During one of these visits to one of the bigger cities under their control he found a young thing that had lost her family to robbers. While he dried her tears and comforted her, he sent his men to eradicate those criminals. Olaf was unable to find a family to take a lone elf in, so he decided to bring her back to the castle to give her a home and a purpose.

When Olaf became old enough to receive more responisility, his father assigned him the lordship of a larger territory. To help him at the first steps, he was gifted some of the sevants and maids, including the young elf, as well as the group of knights he had built up.

Over the years Olaf had married and his wife gave birth to a wonderful daughter. With the increase in burdens he had to keep up with, Olaf was no longer able to regularely visit the villages and cities under his leadership. In his place he continued to send his knights to continue keeping in touch with the peasants.


Raphaels mother had received a similarly demanding upbringing as he experienced. Only did she also have to deal with not having her mother around, because she died when she gave birth to Liliana. She had found her love during her own time at Thors. He was the third son of a noble family of rather average standing, but his ability to be cheerful and his endurance to continue no matter the situation caught her heart.
She was always in favour of sending her children to the Thors military academy, but after her husband died she became distanced and cold, distancing herself from her family and focusing on military matters.


An elf that Olaf Bergenheim found homeless and starving in the alleys of one of the bigger cities. She lost her parents to robbers that attacked people in the city. Unable to find a home for her in the city, Olaf took her in as a servant of the family.
After a few years as a maid Cassandra asked Lord Bergenheim if she could be allowed to receive some martial training to be of more use. While unable to officially hold a higher position than a maid, Cassandra became another agent beside Olaf's knights to keep an eye on things for him as well as watch over his daughter.


Emilia looks like a younger version of Liliana. Though she looks so much like her mother, she is very different in every other regard. Emilia does not like weapons and would rather not have anything to do with militaristic matters. Despite the harsh education Olaf had put Raphael and her through, she always received some favour and coddling because she reminded Olaf of the time he raised Liliana and what he could have done better.

Summer shedule and availability: I don't have anything big planned for the rest of the summer, so unless something expected happens I should not have any big distractions. Availability-wise I'm checking in at least once a day. My work has a rotating shedule so there's no specific time I'm always active. I might be able to post more often (I've already made posts a couple times from my phone during lunchbreak at work), but I'm confident I can make a decently sized post every two days.

Worked on the application. I'm aiming for the noble who believes himself better and wanting to show the difference between royalty and commoners. This could surely go either way with him learning how wrong he was or actually proving himself.
I will likely need to do some more reading or some help with the mechanical things, since the system is somewhat new to me and there are quite some books out apparently.

If I made mistakes or there's room for improvement (which is propably always there) let me know.
Another thing I thought of asking was what forms of media are at the academy. I already read in another application that there's a radio station. Is there something like a school newspaper? are photographs a thing?

Being a direct heir to the Albarea house wouldn't work, as there already is a major NPC in that role. That being said, I suggested a potential alternative in the Q&A topic, when replying to your earlier question.

EDIT: also, I never thought about a school newspaper, but it could be a thing if you want it to be. And photographs are indeed a thing.

I looked a bit into the wiki of the family to see what members the family already has and some other info. Seems like there are only three people named, which are Helmut and his sons, with a note in the wiki that he's selfish and arrogant. So now I'm thinking, Raphael's grandfather might've been the younger brother of Helmut's father.
That way he'd fit in as a cousin but unless my understanding is wrong he'd still be in line for the head of the house (5th or even 4th if there's no other branch of the family), if that would be an issue.

I imagined Raphael to try and gain popularity through the academy media, giving interviews or radio talks. Newspapers would be a nice thing as I'm thinking he might have ordered some to prepare for it, as I don't think radio recordings are a common thing. Of course, correct me if I'm wrong.

I edited it a bit to keep it clear that he is a cousin to the main house of Albarea, as well as adding a little bit into the personality section to his perception of Helmut Albarea.

If you have pointers for me where to improve upon let me know, in the meantime I will look a bit more into the mechanics and what can be donn / might be fun as well as what stuff might be neccessary for it.

I added some family and a couple mechanical things that were missing.
I think I'm ready to call this one complete.

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