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[COMPLETE] Hikaru Robinson

[COMPLETE] Hikaru Robinson

BioName:Hikaru Robinson
Race: Human
Class: Gunslinger (will multiclass Swashbuckler)
Weapon of Choice: Rifle
Social Background: Military Family

Stat BlockHikaru Robinson
Male (yes, really!) Neutral Good Human Gunslinger (Musket Master) 1, Level 1, Init 5, HP 10/10, Speed
AC 16, Touch 14, Flat-footed 12, CMD 15, Fort 2, Ref 6, Will 2, CMB +1, Base Attack Bonus +1
Rifle +5 (1d10, x4)
Rapier +1 (1d6, 18-20/x2)
Leather (+2 Armor, +4 Dex)
Abilities Str 10, Dex 18, Con 10, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 16
Condition None

AppearanceEven without the unique red coloration of his uniform, Hikaru is sure to draw attention: waist-length braided pink hair will do that! The rumors started flying before even the first class, how he must have dyed it, how that WASN'T being flagged as a violation of uniform code, or what was with him if it was natural. The fact that he was in a military academy but had a svelte, downright effeminate build didn't help matters at all. At least the squared shoulders, the straight cut, the starched collar, all work together to make him seem a bit bigger and more manly, and with luck he'd grow into it.

Even if he looked terribly uncomfortable in the meanwhile.

It's when Hikaru is out of uniform that he truly boggles onlookers; fond of thin shirts (especially ones that show off his midrift,) short-shorts if not outright skirts, stockings or knee-high socks, about the only clothing he has that isn't outright feminine are his shoes, and that's just because he saves something like open-toed heels for formal occasions when he can get away with them. But, whenever possible, it's tailored to fit properly rather than "off the rack," and it's not that he NEVER wears masculine-cut outfits. It's just that, in a militarized, quasi-fascist state, "male" and "cute or pretty" so rarely crossed over.

PersonalityThe term "effervescent ray of sunshine" comes close, but it doesn't quite capture the full spectrum of positivity that Hikaru radiates. He rarely is seen without a smile, laughs only slightly more easily than he flips his hair, and always has something nice to say about someone, even if it's fairly obvious that he's reaching far to make it. Frankly, it's enough to make one wonder why such a young man is even IN a military academy... until you see him on the range. That positivity never ends, even when he's aiming down the sights of his rifle, and his squeal of delight is fairly ear-splitting when he places four out of five shots in the black with one in the red. He's also frequently seen in fencing practice, his skills with a rapier improving by the day, even if he does emphasize flourishes and agility over hard strikes.

Beyond the near-eternal smile, Hikaru is extremely affectionate, both verbally and physically. He loves looping arms and holding hands, hugging, even outright cuddling with close friends, and he considers any friend a close friend. If anyone TELLS him to stop, though, he will. Usually. He's an unrepentant flirt on top of this with anyone he considers "beautiful," and while that's usually with the cute girls around, he occasionally turns his eyes on a particularly "pretty boy", though his infectious giggle makes it seem like he's probably just messing around? Especially since most of his fellow male students didn't consider "pretty" a compliment. But there were certain lines he wouldn't cross, and it was just enough to keep from catching angry fists.

Of course, the boy hasn't seen ACTIVE combat yet, even if he's been trained by his family since childhood. Many speculate that the first time he has live rounds fired his way or faces down a charge, he'll wilt like the flower he seems to stylize himself after. Whether or not he does is yet to be seen; but his father made him promise that he'd step up to any challenge, and he always does what his parents say.

BackstoryLike many who would attend an academy like Thor's, Hikaru comes from a military family. His father, Eric Robinson, was one of the early Musketeers, and saw action in a campaign along the border with Crossbel. That was where he ended up meeting the woman that would be his wife, Michiko, who herself was a child of a family who seemed to always be emigrating from one land to another over the generations. Unfortunately, the exact circumstances of how the pair met are somewhat fuzzy: Eric and Michiko always claimed that she had been the survivor of a battle, innocent collateral damage of the combative lands; rumors sprang up before they were even back in the Kreuzen province that the actuality was darker, that she was either a prisoner of war he'd grown lustful over or even just a random woman he had forced himself upon but wanted to care for the child she ended up with. That child would become Hikaru, named for his maternal grandfather, and if there was one thing that would come to be obvious is never speak badly about his parents. It's one of the few ways to break that smile, and that's actually half the reason he's going to Thor's.

Growing up, Michiko was very understanding and giving to her little prince, perhaps too much so. Slightly spoiled, and allowed to indulge in his delightful joy over all things cute and pretty, the pink-haired boy was NOT growing into the physical specimen his father had hoped. Eric loved his child, protected him, cared for him, gave him all he needed but... well, he just wanted to have a son that would follow the old man into the service. Hikaru was NOT looking to want to be a soldier, if anything he treated fencing as dance practice rather than combat. At least he was attracted to WOMEN, so maybe Eric would have a shot at a grandchild he could raise "correctly", and Hikaru could be said to be loyal and well-behaved if naught else. And then came his 15th birthday. A party was thrown, his friends were there, there was cake, he even wore proper boy's clothes.... mostly, he still had on the *cutest* stockings beneath his full pants. And then someone went ahead and said that his mother was, quote, "just some foreign whore I could pay for MY birthday." It took a good five minutes before the others could drag Hikaru off the boy, and a solid week before said boy would be out of the hospital. Months for stitches to heal and reconstruction to be done. It was the first time Hikaru had shown that level of aggression, and Eric had a long heart to heart. What was the reason he finally snapped?

"Dad, you always taught me: loyalty to country, loyalty to family, loyalty to yourself. If you'd heard someone say something about or great country like that, wouldn't you do the same thing?"

It finally clicked in the elder Robinson's head that "pretty" didn't mean "unable to be a soldier," and "agile" didn't mean "weak." To keep Hikaru out of a lengthy criminal proceeding, he was enrolled in Thor's academy as punishment. Secretly, Eric was more thrilled than he could say, and proudly stood by his son as they waited for the train. Even if Hikaru was so uncomfortable in that uniform, and looked longingly at the much cuter, softer ones the girls had.

Quick question while i get things written up: I'm envisioning my character as the child of a member of the military, and a foreign woman he brought home from a prior campaign. Would this be viable? And how would this affect his social standing in this world? I just have "Military family" as the listing for now.

It takes some serious balls to make a trap character in a setting like this, and with Astolfo as your pic no less, so kudos for that.

To answer your question: taking an enemy prisoner, only to genuinely fall in love with them, free them, and marry them is certainly feasible. Whether or not this would draw social stigma will mainly depend on the nationality of this enemy, ranging from "probably not" (Crossbell) to "perhaps there could be some problems" (Liberl) to "HOLY SH*T WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU MAN?" (Calvard). So yeah, up to you to decide which option you prefer... Although if I may? Your effeminate appearance is already going to be a major source of conflict, considering that you live in a militaristic, borderline fascist society, so ask yourself this: do you really need another unrelated source of big conflict? Mind you, I will not tell you what you should or shouldn't do, it's your character and not mine, but give this question some thought, ok?

Oh trust me, I'm well aware that Hikaru would end up with quite a few issues: the fact that he only stops being a teasing flirt when he knows it will get him in explicit trouble doesn't hurt. That said, it would most likely be Crossbel as I can only push the bounds of realism too far!

Also, a good note ahead of time: Hikaru is definitely a "he." He just happens to love bright colors, cute things and sexy outfits, which tend towards the androgynous/feminine. I actually didn't know much about Astolfo beyond looks until today, and read that in his own profile, and almost literally yelled out loud "Aw crap, I didn't mean to make a COMPLETE rip-off, I swear!"

My only issue with Astolfo as a pic is that, well, cross-dressing and acting effeminate is an integral part of the character... And well, in this story you're going to have to wear a school uniform. That's kind of a concern because, in an extremely militarized culture with some fringe factions that skew towards open fascism, a male student of a military academy (meaning, a future commander in the army) wearing the female uniform would just. Not. Fly. PERHAPS the son of a very big noble who is famous for being eccentric could, with the father pulling some strings, manage to get away with it somehow, but the son of a soldier? I really don't think so.

So yeah, I do have to wonder what you're planning to do about that. Maybe wear the standard uniform while on campus, then switch to cross-dressing the moment you depart for the field trip(s)? Your instructor/homeroom teacher is eccentric, open-minded, and values individual freedom, so she'd probably turn a blind eye as long as her superiors aren't around...

Short version: He's going to be very stuffy and grumpy unhappy about wearing the uniform =P More due to the overall "dour" styling than any masculine/feminine aesthetic. He'd be more than happy with a male's uniform if he could "nice" it up a bit, or at least get one with such a severe trim, but that's the problem with uniforms!

Your concept for what would be done about his fashion sense is almost exactly what would happen, he'd be introduced to everyone in standard attire (while that hair would probably be attracting a good many stares) and then the first time folks saw him dressed down, OH the confusion!

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