Posting Rules

This thread was made regarding posting for the game. The following rules are in effect:

-I expect every player to post at least once a day. Ping me if there's a reason you can't post for the day. Posting every other day without an excuse, for example, will not get you immediately banned but doing so repeatedly will get you kicked from the group.

-Posting during combat will be done by turn order.

-Posting out of combat will require a post from each player in any order for each scene (that is, every time the DM makes a post).. DM will not proceed until every player has posted at least once per scene. Take the following scenario into consideration:


DM: The walls are closing in. What do you do?

Player 1: I break the door at the end of the hallway.

Player 2: I'll help.

Player 3: My character will look on as he is completely incapable of doing anything.

Player 4: I'll look around to see if I can find some mechanism to disable the trap.

DM: Player 1, roll a Strength check. Player 2, roll the same thing. Player 4, make a Spot check.

Not Okay

DM: The walls are closing in. What do you do?

Player 1: I break the door at the end of the hallway.

DM: What about everyone else?

*crickets chirping*

One exception for this rule is posting to skip. In the above scenario, each player can simply post an action that doesn't require a roll ("I watch as the barbarian smashes the door") or post to delay any action until something happens ("I'll wait until the barbarian opens the door before rushing out the door"). Doing these things is much better than the DM and half the party waiting on the rest. Player actions, imo, are strings of events, and the DM posting after one player posts can tangle the strings gradually but surely.

-Banter between characters doesn't need to wait for a DM response. Characters can talk to each other freely until something occurs.

-Actions like Gather Information take a few in-game hours to complete. If one or more players are doing such actions, they cannot post until the time passes or if your roll triggers an event.

-Discussing the rules over a roll or ruling will be posted in the OoC thread or Discord channel. DM has the final say, but you are free to make your case without holding back until then.

-Lastly, be courteous towards one another. I'll do what I can to enhance your experience, but that is also a team effort.

Thanks for reading. Let's have a good time.