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d20 Future space adventure with twists

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d20 Future space adventure with twists

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D20 Future

Hello all, i am looking for a crew to man a starship to explore into the unknown. While i will be using d20 future, i will be adding some supernatural elements into the game to keep you all on your toes. The ship and captain are a mystery with lots of their own secret to uncover on your quest. I am looking for a max of 8 crew, though 4-6 would be ideal. Daily posting is a must.

This is my first try at Dming d20 future/modern though i been dming D&D for 20 years, so starting in PBP setting allows me to learn the rules and be able to look up stuff before posting my replies which works well My posts will be either in the morning or after midnight EST(i work afternoons). There will be a good mix of spaceship combat and ground exploration so having both skills covered is a good idea. Check out the game area for PC creation rules and some info about the ship you will be on.

thanks for your interest

Game Description:

I am looking for a few crew members for a cross system Space Opera adventure.

The ad says they need the following:
1 communication officer
1 female Engineer
1 XO(which man be removed down to normal crew, i find that NPC OX works better than PC
1 pilot human male

The ship's mission, you travel to various Galaxies of the Universe to different Earths to collect billion year old artifacts. Each Earth will be a different setting, places like Star Wars, Star Gate, Traveller, Star Trek. The base system we will be using is d20, so everything has to be converted to that.

So the new crew can be from any setting you want, depending on when we can find and visit it, we will pick you up. You need to have a good reason to flee your galaxy and join our crew, then you need to get the crew allow you to join :)

So some of the things that have happened already

While leaving Mars to leave the solar system, we blew up a defending battle cruiser killing 200 people on board. The Asgardian THor was on the planet looking over the Jumpgate being constructed and took offense to us killing so many and attacked our ship, throwing his hammer through a ship from planetside while in orbit, killing our doctor.

We Picked up a Killjoy running from a kill squad sent after him after they found out he was taking a job on the side (from us)

Travelled to Nowhere Space Station to collect some info from THE COLLECTOR on the item the captain found on our earth, got involved with a zombie uprising as some entity known as Abyss who was turning everyone on station into Zombies, THE DOCTOR showed up to help solve what was going. When we got the info we needed from THE COLLECTOR we wiped his memory of our meeting so not reveal what we had, leaving him back on the station none the wiser(so we hope). We picked up a Mass Effect Medic on the station.

Using info from THE COLLECTOR, we traveled to a world run by a planet AI to test our potential New Wi Fi setup. He breaks through in 6 secs showing the crew that having wi fi access is not a good idea but the AI offers to trade spaceship tech for nanotech. We check out rest of Galaxy and find planets destroyed, society lost where all their tech just blew up.
This is where we have the first alien join our crew from Traveller setting. we next find a huge graveyard of ships that seem to have the same fate blown up tech.

With such a large salvage we look around to find it is guarded by a living Ghost ship and are ATM just about to battle it.

To make matters more interesting the Captain seems to be some sort of undead necromancer that has offered any of the crew that wishes it to become immortal by becoming undead of their choice either at their death or when they age so much they cannot function anymore. The mission is expected to taking hundreds of years so for the humans that join would never see the end of it.

Looking for crew members in space opera visiting Fading Suns, Shadowrun, Warhammer 40k, d20, Travellers, Star Trek, Star Wars, Star Gate to name a few systems
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Which NPC is the comm officer?

Zora, also a (the) engineer. She has Linguist.

Ahh, got it.


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