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How to write a good ad

Be clear about the system you are usingand any house rules or restrictions you are enforcing. Tell people what sources you are allowing if applicable. Give a clear timeframe for when you are starting. Set out how many players you are looking for.
Perhaps more importantly, tell us what type of game you want to run. If D&Desque, hack’n’slash through dungeons, following an adventure path/campaign, evil characters playing politics in the Underdark, whatever. If Shadowrun, whether pink Mohawks are expected or persona non grata. Call of Cthulhu, whether everyone is expected to go insane or if you have a chance to keep yourself alive and (un)aware. Vampire, politics or superhero. Pokemon, gym challenge through the anime/ganes, fighting against an evil team in the world of the manga, or a desperate struggle to survive against horrible pocket monsters in a death world where evolved magicarp rule the seas and a beedril swarm is a town-destroying threat. That sort of thing.
You don’t need to provide paragraph upon paragraphs of details, but there should be enough that we can begin to guess what type of characters we should show up with.
And ideally double check the spelling and grammar.
And in the end, there is no one way to write a good game ad, so just look at the first page or two of ads, and decide which ones draw your interest and make you want to sign up.

Also note that depending on the system, the game ad may change in importance. After all, if you want to run a game of D&D 4th edition then there is a thread of people in game planning bemoaning the lack of a game, so you may not need to be as good at ad writing, whereas if you want to run pathfinder there are enough campaigns going on that you may have to provide a bit more detail in your ad, while if you want to run a home brew system you might need to provide access to the full rule set so people can decide whether they want to get into it.
But in general, the best way to write a good game ad is just to write an ad, come back to it the next day and reread it, decide whether the ad would convince you to apply to the game, and then ust post the ad.

It's old, and I never did get back to making that sample ad, but the advice here generally holds.

On top of what's already been said...

-Small touches here and there like a picture, title, clear breaks between sections, etc.
-Being friendly. If you're now allowing/banning certain things say it casually, don't put in all caps how you "HATE" certain things.
-Just overall organization. Show that you have a dedicated spot for applications, questions, etc.

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