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Cyberpunk Maps

Cyberpunk Maps

I am prepping for a XCOM based campaign and I require maps. Do you have resources, links, .rar packages?

I am currently seeing if I can bastardize the game "Cities Skylines" and making screenshots of sections of my city. Anyone have another good way to bastardize?

How about Frozen Synapse 2? Only available for Windows, though, I believe. The visual style would be a great fit I feel.

Honestly, I'd suggest the Shadowrun method - GOOGLE MAPS, BABY!

Unless your setting is either 1) not Earth or 2) so far in the future that the cityscape has changed so drastically that Seattle or Chicago are no long recognizable from current maps.

Relatedly, interior maps can be handled in a similar method - finding a floor plan for a building usually works out pretty well.

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