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Drow Only Political-Business Game

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Drow Only Political-Business Game

Dark Moon Rising - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

You sit in the foyer of the Dark Moon Company Head Office, blatantly aware that you're possibly about to die. However, when you applied for the Surface Peace Accord Committee Officer position that it would be the Shadow Council themselves heralding you to a meeting.

If you had, you definitely wouldn't have applied. However, when you were told that the pay was 500 gold pieces a month, plus free accommodation for you and your family forever, including rations- the idea seemed to good to be true. Drow were being called in groups of four and taken to rooms off the side of the main hallway.

You were being called. You looked at the four members being called with you and immediately realised that these four members would be individuals that you would be travelling to the surface with. Sizing them up came naturally.

You were led into a small room and sat down.

A hooded figure entered the room through a door off to the side of the room.

Surface Peace Accord Committee Officer. Please...don't make jests about the acronym. We've heard them before. You will shortly be meeting with the Shadow Council, but it is my role to inform you what this position entails and, potentially, give you a chance to renege on your decision to join this new division.

You will be travelling to the Surface with the sole intention of establishing communication with human settlements, making allies, establishing trade routes and, finally, accommodating a Peace Accord. To say this division is suicide is... potentially... an understatement. We don't offer this position for such an exuberant sum or set of favours for nothing. We're a business. However, a business cannot function with trade routes as....defunct, as those of our neighbours. The surface realm is where the gold is prominent and so the surface realm is where we will endeavour to go.

You know of their views on our race. We expect you to change that.

We will need you to sign a waiver and you will receive your first 500 gold up front as a gesture of good faith and, in your absence, your families housing will no longer incur tithes, fees or rents. Your income above ground, however, will still be subjected to the usual ten percent tax.

Do we have your consent?
He hands you all a piece of paper and a quill and indicates the bottom line.

Game Description:

Starting Level 5
Drow Only

Tone: Light-hearted, comedy, some dark themes (You're drow after all), some horror themes (Underdark)
Themes: Business, Political, Empire Building
Combat: Light to Medium
Roleplay: Heavy

Setting: Sword Coast

Characters will need to be clever to not die. You're drow. There are pre-conceived notions even with Drizzt running around catching peoples eyes and hearts.

The eventual aim of the Dark Moon Company is to destroy Menzoberranzan. Either through outright war, or political internal destruction using subterfuge, sleeper agents, business connections and guile.

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