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Movies of 2012

I haven't seen it.. But Mephisto was responsible for the One More Day BS.. I hope they're not bringing him in now

Thanks Witch. That was his name. Just watch the cameo and think on it. I think it is probably Normal Osborn, but they hide is voice and make him seem like an old 60+ man on how they portray him. Although the scene is only like 30 seconds long. But Mephisto was always known for taking the PI brown overcoat, gray fedora an old man visage. Which is what the "Man In The Hat" looks like in the movie. Of course considering that the name Normal Osborn is said over 60 times in the movie. I feel like it is probably him.

Originally Posted by MadHatter View Post
Spiderman movie had a lot of flaws in it. But ultimately you have to look hard for them. The biggest deal for me was the fact that Peter Parker was portrayed horribly. I think everyone but him was good in the movie. Peter Parker is not a skater, popular guy, cool kid, defends everyone and gets the popular girls to notice him, when he was normal. He still is not that after he becomes spiderman. So that and the fact he is not 15, like in the comics, bugs the hell out of me.
I don't know if they succeeded, but I think they were attempting to avoid the horribly outdated Hollywood Nerd stereotypes by giving him a more modern loner-type persona. I dunno, I think it worked. Maybe it's just me, but he never really came across as a popular guy or a cool kid, and the skateboard thing... meh, again maybe it's just my area, but they really aren't associated with any 'type' anymore, at least from what I've seen of students and with my little sister and her friends. I'm really glad they didn't go for a thick glasses, pocket protector, stammering wide-eyed 'classic' nerd.

Also, to be fair, the actor is 28. While I think he passes as a teenager much better than Toby Maguire (who was 27 in the first movie), 15 would still be a stretch.

See, I agree with Little Rudo there, but I thought he was a great example of a nerd. What you're describing is the 80's movie nerd stereotype (which is fairly true, as life will show, these nerds are now 40-50 ) whereas I thought Peter Parker is the 2012 nerd stereotype.

As as the stereotype is based in reality, I thought it worked very well for him. He reminded me of people I know (not me of course Hammie was runner up prom king! I swear! ) and that's what I liked about him. I could believe he was a decent kid, just one who was still trying to figure out life. To be fair, he'll still be working on that, but he'll probably get the maturity thing handled by about 28 or so

From what I've gathered, people either loved or hated his portrayal. I'm in the former camp.

Yeah, the movie has been very divisive, which is interesting. While the movie definitely has some flaws (I thought the pacing was a bit iffy, the story a bit meh, didn't care for yet another multiple personality villain, and it felt like they edited a lot out, probably to leave content for the sequel), I think a lot of people disliking the movie are big Marvel movieverse fans who just want to see Marvel get the license back so they can add Spider-Man to The Avengers. Not that I wouldn't love that, but I think this movie really works on its own merits, and it sets a very nice basis for future movies.

Also, this year has been really good for superhero movies. Chronicle, The Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man... I just hope The Dark Knight Returns ends up being good. I have an iffy feeling about it.

All I can say is that I have faith in Christopher Nolan. And it's got the Steelers, Batman's favorite team, which can only make it better!

Hammie and Batman agree on many things, including sports.

I understand the iffy feelings, but remember the Dark Knight? Remember how people kept saying, 'HEATH LEDGER as the Joker? Come's the dude from '10 Things I Hate About You'. He'll never do a good job! Duh!' and comments like it? I'm just saying...

I want to see it even though Christian Bale and I are done professionally.

Actually, I'm a big fan of Hathaway, I'm really not worried about Catwoman. I am a bit worried about Bane, but more because of the plot than him necessarily. (I am a bit annoyed that this is the second case of the Nolanverse Batman films casting a white actor to play a non-white character. Still, not the actor's fault.) But honestly, I'm not too worried about being worried for the films, as weird as that sounds. TDK was great in part because I had almost no hype for it. I'm hoping that my lack of hope pays off again.

Also, I'm a Packers fan. Count me unimpressed with Batman's taste in sports teams.

Hey, it's not Batman's fault you have no taste

Hammie made a long post about this a year ago. The Steelers are Batman's team just like the Raven's are the Joker's (purple, pure evil, similar to Batman, try to say they are one and the same). But Hammie will find that out later on. You do get the Green Lantern, though, so I think the Packers are ok

Obviously the filmmakers are horribly racist. I mean...they even cast a BRITISH guy to plan an AMERICAN superhero!!! Oh GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD for him! He's walking in here all 'LA DAH DAH DAH DAH' and steals the role? Does he know how distracting that is? How are we supposed to focus on the scene while he's back there DOING that? Does he want me to go back down there and take down his lights? Geez, what an amateur. What doesn't he understand? What doesn't he get about it? He's not used to working with actors. He's a nice guy, he's a nice guy, but I will not walk on this SET if he's here tomorrow! I hope it was good because it's useless now, isn't it?

Being a bit more serious now, I'll agree that lack of hype is usually ok. Remember that Nolan has his 'team' all in this (Joseph Gordon Levitt, Marion C, Tom Hardy, Michael Caine, Christian Bale, etc) and he loves to stick with his crew. They're always together in every movie. It's just his thing. I think the movie will be really good. The only problem I foresee is that everyone will compare it to the classic that is The Dark Knight, and the second it isn't what they wanted, people will be mad. If the Dark Knight was a 98 and this is a 93, people will say it 'sucks', even if it's a good movie.

He was a somewhat social outcast, not a loner. Anyways I thought Batgirl was in the new movie until I read the wiki and found out it was Anne Hathaway as catwoman. Does anyone else think she looks like batgirl in the preview?

As I said Hammerfist I am a bit picky about a few things. But the one major flaw for me was how un Peter Parker he was. That was what can never make it a great movie. It is still a good Movie, just not as good as it could be. I mean I am still pissed at how they ****ed up Hawkeye in the Avengers movie. But once again I am picky. LOL

One more thing that has me worried is the height difference. Tom Hardy is a very good fighter, so good job of playing Bane. But he stands at 5'9 IRL. While Christian Bale is easily 6ft to 6'2/. Batman is a large tall man, but Bane easily towered over him in the comics. Hell Bane was even a foot bigger then Killer Croc. So I hope they do the effects right with the stage to make Bane HUGE>

Bane for Dark Knight Rising is based in part on the Mutant Leader from Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns.


That's the reason for the departure from the Luchadora mask, and the height difference, and the white guy playing the character. I'm looking forward to Dark Knight Rising.

- Logain

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