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Movies of 2012

Just got back from watching the movie with my family.

We all basically agreed it was amazing. My Dad said in 50 years of watching Batman, this was his favorite.

Interesting... I still hold out as the 2nd being the best, in large part due to Heath Ledgers amazing portrayal of the Joker. *shrug*

Well, I saw Batman last night, and while it was good, there were a lot of nitpicky problems I had with it, mainly surrounding the Chekov's Gun. Basically, anyone with a basic understanding of nuclear physics (mine comes from casual perusal of books by Stephen Hawking) would be able to fix the issues with the plot.

As a big fan of Batman Begins and the Dark Knight, as well as a HUGE Batman fan, I hated the Dark Knight Rises.. I was thoroughly bored.. Bane's voice was bad.. Not sure if it was the accent or the amplification.. Could've been both.. They spent way too much time on the Joseph Gordon Levitz character.. I really want to go back and look, because I'm willing to be he had more screen time than Christian Bale (in or out of the costume).. Everytime they went back to him I was just thinking "let's see what this boring character is doing.... oh.. he's doing boring stuff.."

The times when Batman was actual on screen were decent, I'd be surprised if that was even 30 minutes of a three hour movie that felt like 10..

EDIT: Oh, I liked Catwoman.. She was a good character.. I thought she was well written..

While I did ultimately like TDKR, the more I think back on it, the more certain things really bother me as well, particularly Bane's voice. I'm not sure if this was Hardy's fault or the sound mixer/editor... I'm guessing the latter due to complaints, but seriously, he sounded like Sean Connery by way of Darth Vader. Not to mention his voice was loud, waaay louder than it should've been. I remember spending the first scene just staring at the screen, trying to comprehend that it's really the voice they were going with.

I get what they were trying to do, mixing a physical exterior with a jarringly different voice. But it was so jarring and so silly, in a movie that already had Batman's silly growly voice and Selina's silly sexy voice. It was just... very, very silly.

Just got back from seeing it a few hours ago. I thought it was marvelous, although it did have a few nitpicks, mostly what people have already mentioned; Bane's voice being silly and not nearly enough of Morgan Freeman's voice.

I loved the last bit though, the bit with JGL when he picks up his stuff was a very nice touch in my opinion. The whole situation with his character was extremely well done throughout the movie, and much better handled in TDKR than in any other Batman I've seen. The tieback to the first movie felt a little heavy handed though, maybe it's just because I haven't watched Batman Begins in a few years but there it is.

I just didn't see the point in the JGL character.. .. Anything that character did could've been done by another character.. and probably done better.. He had no decent development given how much screen time he got.. Just some minor stuff they told us.. Speaking of "tell us".. Did he come off like a hot head to anyone? I didn't see it.. I mean, I know he's supposed to be, since they went ahead and told us several times he was, but he didn't really have a temper or anything.. He was mild mannered as Clark Kent.. Never really seemed to lose his temper

I'll admit, ever since Inception and 50/50, I've been a sucker for the guy because the characters he plays are always the kind of characters I like, so I may be biased towards him. But who else was going to do what he did?

His character in Inception was great.

Ah, that's the bit of the movie you were talking about...

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