Newcomers, don't be shy, come and introduce yourself! Our members will be delighted to bring you into the fold.

Hey there!

Hey there!

Hello there, everybody!
I suppose I should just get started on introducing myself.

My name is Lunch(Old online handle I use all the time.). I have been roleplaying for close to 15 years. I started in the old Yahoo chat rooms/messenger and worked my way into forums and other online chat rooms afterwards. (Never heard of roleplaying dubbed as 'play-by-post', haha. We just called it 'rp' or 'roleplay' back in the day. )I've written a lot of stories with several friends and have just written many snippets of things in general throughout the years I was active.

The first time I've played the actual table-top Dungeons & Dragons game was when I was in college about 7-8 years ago. I loved it and was enthralled with the fantasy world and how anything could be possible in such worlds of literary adventure.

I've slowed down to completely stopped roleplay for a long while until recently. I've been busy(and still am) with a full-time job and trying to find the time to really engage myself back into writing stories with others. Also, to incorporate that D&D feel to it as well!

So, I've joined this site and the site Giant in the Playground to try and fill that need!

I will probably post some characters up soon.

Please feel free to message/talk with me.
I hope I will make some friends here and hope to have some fun writing with you guys!
Thanks for having me and I hope you have a lovely day/night!

Hello, Lunch!

I can completely understand having too much work to get involved with anything else for a while, I happened to do that with my own storytelling for a while myself, although - for the amount that I've done roleplaying, I've actually never touched a D&D game. Was always using different systems myself.

The question has to be asked of course, what did you like to play as?

Good morning, Lunch. I went to college with a guy with that nickname, but that was a long time ago. Glad you are familiar with the format. A lot of people join thinking it's going to be one thing, when it is usually quite different than they expect. PBP is quite perfect for those busy people who don't have time to sit down with friends for hours at a time.

Not sure how much poking around the site you have done. The way games work here, the GM will post an Ad in the Games & Ads section. The post will have details about how to apply, what resources are open to use. D&D games of any edition get a lot of interest. Don't be surprised if you see 10-20 applications.

What edition(s) are you familiar with? Any other games you are interested in trying out?

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