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What's that Movie!?

Originally Posted by leons1701 View Post
Slow pitch maybe, but with a bit of a wicked curve, being older than just about every Weaver. Where is that darn pellet with the poison anyhow?
its in the flagon with the dragon.

I know this movie, its the purple pimpernel with Daffy duck!! ***snortle***

[snortle = a snort and a chuckle done at same time]

Oh yeah. A glorious parody of so many things.

I think Daffy did do that bit somewhere, but right now, it eludes me.

Lol! You all did well. But I believe @leons1701 was the first to suss out that was The Court Jester starting Danny Kaye.

It's a great film, and there is no such thing as watching it too many times.


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