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World of Farland

A world conquered by evil and ruled by the Lords of Sin; A unique campaign setting designed to be used with all editions of D&D.

My Farland Pen&Paper game

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Last Wednesday on Farland D&D...

Warning, this post contains Curse of Strahd Spoilers...

With Lo'Gosh and Elanil fleeing from Mara's Mill, they left Ox and Igdra behind. Igdra was hit with a point blank lightning bolt that appeared from the back of his head, and Ox was kept alive by the brutal witches, probably to turn him into tasty dream pastries later on. Lo'Gosh and Elanil recuperated from their losses as they traveled towards Northwood. There, they hoped to find new hope and new companions that could aid them in their quests. Lo'Gosh his first priority was to find Vuzembi, an old half-troll and wise elder of his tribe. Rumor has it that a fox with one blue eye and one green eye was seen wandering around in the Serpent Woods. He brought with him Ireena from Littlespur, in the hope that she would be safe inside the walls of Northwood. Jacqueline, diplomat of the former Opferblut lord, accompanied Elanil and Lo'Gosh to Northwood with the perspective of being more of a use there, instead of the ghost town of Littlespur.

Approaching Northwood.
Northwood lies a few miles from
the Loch Iron lake, on the foothills. The river runs further
north into the Creaglands, a mountainous area with a lot of
forgotten history. The large Serpent Wood marks the
northern horizon with it's large oaks. Northwood is known for
it's beautiful flower fields, giving a pleasant mix of all kinds of
colorful dots, as well as an ambient and pleasant smell.
However, with winter upon you, the fields are covered with a
thin layer of snow. Entering Northwood from the Northroad,
the players find a sign which says the current Northwood
population. An old sign tells this village once held 512
citizens. Multiple times, a number has been striked trough,
degrading the amount of citizens from 512 to 454.
The Northroad meanders into a valley watched over by
dark, brooding forest to the north called the Serpent Woods.
Suddenly, a sullen mountain burg surrounded by a wooden
palisade appears. Thick fog presses up against this wall, as
though looking for a way inside, hoping to catch the town a
slumber. The dirt road ends at a set of sturdy iron gates with
a pair of shadowy figures standing behind them. Planted in
the ground and flanking the road outside the gates are a halfdozen pikes with wolves' heads impaled on them. A 15-foothigh wall encloses the town, its vertical logs held together
with thick ropes and mortar. The top of each log has been
sharpened to a point. Wooden scaffolding hugs the inside of
the palisade twelve feet off the ground, enabling guards to
peer over the wall there.

Lo'Gosh observed the well organized defense of Northwood and found that indeed, this could be the safest place within Strahd's domain. After a short conversation, the adventurers were allowed to enter. Lo'gosh went straight towards the town square.

Town Square
This is the center of Northwood. From here, you can see most
of the places of interest. What marks the center of the town
square, is a huge and old gray oak. It looks quite dead.
Hanging from the trees are what looks to be three dead
man, strangled by the ropes, their corpses gently dangling
trough the winds. A noteboard with several informational
pages stands beneath the hanged man.
A stone town well marks the center of this square. It is
unused and it has been barricaded by some wooden
construction. Many festivals have taken place here, as you see
much trash lingering around. You can see a flyer covert in dirt
with some markings upon them. If looked upon, you can read:
'The Wolves Head Jamboree. Acrobatics, Gymnastics,
Clowns and more! Celebrate, and all will be well!'
There is this man in the stocks, appearently put there as
some form of punishment. Chained to the tree is a badly
beaten man wearing nothing but a loincloth. The iron
shackles have cut into his wrists, causing blood to trickle
down his hands. The man is a shoemaker named Udo
Lukovich (LN male human commoner). He was arrested
during the Wolf's HeadJamboree for carrying a sign that
suggested that the people should feed the baron to the

Noteboard Note # 1 The mists envelops us all, but joy and
laughter keeps the devil at bay. Protesting against the
festivals is forbidden, and those who colaborate to sabotage
the festivals will be hanged. Let the hangings stand as a proof
to the residents that their new rulers care for their safety and
shall defend them not only from wolves, but also from Von
Zarovich himself. Any man refusing to comply with this order
will be flogged and put in the stocks. Upon removing the
bodies stands the penalty of death.
-Guard Captain Gregory Morgenstein

Note # 2 The festival of the Blazing Sun will be held at the
town square on (date, in 3 days). Trapeze, Aerial Silk,
Firebreathing and ofcourse, the great Ringmaster Rictavio
and his Sabertooth Tiger! Be there, celebrate, and all will be
-Burgomaster Baron Marnak Morgenstein

Lo'Gosh realized that had he stopped the Morgensteins half a year ago, Northwood would probably looked different now, for good or for worse. Either way, he knew that the Morgenstein were in fact some foul evil cultists, that should one day be stopped. And so it seemed that however the outside of Northwood looks safe from the terror of Strahd, another evil had rooted itself within.

Lo'Gosh spoke with some citizens of Northwood and found out why everyone thinks that the old heroes of Northwood had perished long time ago...

Seymore used to be a good fellow. He was taken prisoner by
the Occupation, before the devil Strahd awoke. When he
returned however, a week ago, Seymore's mood changed. He
came bargin into town with his two dogs from hell, bullying
the locals like he was some jester. Everyone asked Seymore
what happened to the heroes Alucarda, Cornelis and
Lo'Gosh. Seymore was willing to tell the story, for a price.
Cocky bastard. He started playing a song with his violin, and
sang about an eternity of slavery, chipping rubies and gems
for the goblinoids. Then, he sang about an ancient flooded
temple, made out of amber. Seymore said that the temple was
full with undead, evil sorcery and ancient magics. He also told
that he was the only that had escaped the temple alive.
Cornelis, Lo'Gosh and Alucarda had perished trying to
escape from the evil that roamed in the amber temple. Many
believe, that that same evil had corrupted Seymore, turning
him into the sarcastic jester he is today. I warn you
adventurer, don't mess with this halfling for it is said that he
had made one of his death dogs bite off the head of townsfolk
who wasn't laughing when he made a joke.

With the promise of vengeance, Lo'Gosh and Elanil left Northwood quickly, in order to find Oscar Drok, for they knew he could tell them about Vuzembi's location. Once there, they found out that the Resistance was rebuilding the organisation, and the once crooked shack of Oscar Drok, was slowly turning into a well organized outpost for the Resistance. Many former Squint bandit members were now initiates. Lo'gosh was reunited with former friends and allies, who thought that Lo'gosh died months ago, when he was taken into the mines of Hestor. After a short feast, important news arrived, as well as a potential new ally.

Oscar Drok is troubled, for his cart with goods has been
ambushed by goblins. He seeks adventurers that can help
him. He'll also tell that a gnome nobleman with the name
Wenzel Knapsack was kidnapped the week before. Someone
has to stop these goblins. He also seeks more members to
join the Resistance. Some young and fresh meat have applied,
yet they are not ready to take care of the cunning and
deceitful goblins.

A stranger urgently spoke with Lo'gosh to help him out, free the gnome merchant. This stranger was no one less then Rumpelstilskin, a new character played by Niels van der Ham...

The Situation Rumor has it that the goblin Blood Fang tribe
has taken occupation in an abandoned Dwarven mine.
Unfortunatly, the lower levels were already packed by the
kobold tribe The Redscale Enclave. Unable to eliminate the
Kobolds straight away, Sbuk, the goblin boss, decided to stay
on the upper level, hoping to block the kobolds from the
surface and thus starving them out. The tribe could be
around 30 goblins or so.

Finding the Lair It's a 4 hour walk. To come closer, roll 4
times a succesful DC15 Survival check. Also roll for
encounters. Decide who is tracking or who is active

Sacrificing Wenzel Knapsack Rumor has it that Wenzel
will be sacrificed to Vornoth by one of the goblin shamans,
the day of the full moon. The adventurers can have a
maximum of 1 long rest. If Wenzel Knapsack survives and is
braught to Northwood, the adventurers are rewarded with
200 GP.

11 Goblins await the characters in ambush, roll
with advantage on stealth. Use map for combat display. They
will retreat into the mines if they see they are losing. The
survivors will join Sbuk.

After the ambush, Lo'gosh, Elanil and Rumpelstilskin went inside the old and abandoned Dwarven mines. Their hopes was to free Wenzel Knapsack before Sbuk and the other goblins had sacrificed him to Vornoth. After some intersections, they found out that the goblins were numerous and couldn't be beaten head on. And so, they promised the goblin leader Sbuk that they would find this Kobold leader, and trade his head for Wenzel Knapsack.

As the adventurers wandered deeper into the mines, they found an elevator that led them towards the kobold area. There, they struck a deal with the Kobold leader. To make an alliance with the Kobolds in stead of the Goblins, and to work together to get rid of the Goblins by force. However, the adventurers first had to gain the Kobold leader's trust. They had to find his necklace that was stolen from him a long time ago. It was now presumably in a dangerous area within the mines, guarded by giant crabs...


Yesterday on Farland D&D...

Warning, this post contains Curse of Strahd Spoilers!

Lo'Gosh and Rumpelstilskin ventured on, deep within the Dwarven mines that was taken over by Goblins who were having a conflict with Kobolds. Their current task is to retrieve a necklace from the Kobold leader to gain his trust. And then, with the help of the Kobolds, hopefully retake the dwarven mine, save Wenzel Knapsack and kill S'buk, a Goblin treacherous bastard who is responsible for killing Lo'Gosh' tribe some year ago.

Standing near the water, Lo'Gosh and Rumpelstilskin discussed how to cross it. They knew that somewhere behind these natural caves they could find the necklace. They also knew that these waters were inhabited by giant crabs. Lo'Gosh decided to jump. He failed is Athletics check and came 2 feet short. With his knees into the water, he succeeded on a Dexterity check and didn't felt backwards in the water. However, a crab attacked is ankles. Initiative was rolled. With some arrows and greataxe swings, the giant crab was easily defeated. Lo'gosh and Rumpelstilskin now crossed the water and stealthily approached the natural caves. Around some corners they found 12 stones that all looked like the top side of a giant crab that was sleeping. Between these stones, an old small corpse could be found with a precious looking necklace. This was the item that they had to retrieve. Rumpelstilskin slowly and stealthily approached the corpse in darkness. He casted darkness on himself in the hope the crabs wouldn't be able to see him. However, he failed his stealth check and five giant crabs defended their lair. Initiative was rolled. Two crabs grabbed Rumpelstilskin with huge pincers and three of them enclosed Lo'Gosh. Round after round, Rumpelstilskin and Lo'Gosh killed the giant crabs, proving to be a medium encounter. They had now found the necklace. They gave it to the Kobold leader, who was now ready to engage the Goblins. He also knew about a secret passage that they could use to back-stab the Goblin defenses. The first battle was near a shrine of Vornoth, where some Goblins and a priest were about to sacrifice Wenzel Knapsack. The adventurers were now aided by four Kobolds, including their leader who proved to have sorcerer talents. They freed Wenzel Knapsack, who was able to heal the adventurers for he possessed some clerical powers. Due to their successful stealthy approach, the Goblins weren't aware of their presence yet. They made a plan to engage the Goblins, using Rumpelstilskin's Darkness spell. They opened the gate, using deception to lure in some Goblins and killed them with ease. With the army of the Goblins slightly diminished, they were now alarmed of their presence however. Lo'gosh, Rumpelstilskin, Wenzel Knapsack and four Kobolds fought the goblins room after room and this proved to be a toe to toe battle, for many resources were already drained. However, the Goblins fought leaderless, and so, their morale was low. A fact that was used by Rumpelstilskin to deceive them into believing he was the dark one, a powerful champion of Vornoth. The goblins ran in despair, scattering leaderless trough the mines. Suddenly, they all heard a voice echoing trough the mines. The voice of their leader, Sbuk. He rallied the last remaining Goblins for a last stand. The adventurers again laid ambush around corners. S'buk knew about Lo'Gosh' presence and tried to taunt him out of ambush. Lo'gosh didn't bite. As the Goblins engaged their final battle, S'buk ran away again, like the sneaky treacherous Goblin he is.

The adventurers had now reclaimed the mine and saved their noble Gnome Wenzel Knapsack. They searched for S'buk, but he probably escaped trough the mines into a layer deep below the surface. With some treasure gained, they were ready for their next adventure...

Great stuff as usual...


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