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World of Farland

A world conquered by evil and ruled by the Lords of Sin; A unique campaign setting designed to be used with all editions of D&D.

My Farland Pen&Paper game

My Farland Pen&Paper game

Hello Farland fans,

It's my honor to play D&D5th edition as a DM in the wondrous setting of Farland. I am playing every week from 19:00 till 23:30+- and I will recap on this forum. I am playing D&D for over 10 years so it is not a strange world to me and my friends. Farland, however, offers a nice gritty flavored world. Besides the official rules of D&D5th edition, I have implemented several changes to improve the grittiness of Farland. You can read everything about them in my Farland Guide.

Farland Guide 0.84:

I make use of the adventurers of Farland on this page and implement them into the campaign.

With the fourth adventure, the Reign of Strahd, I implemented allot of Curse of Strahd material into the campaign.
I have adapted them to my liking in order to really experience the grittiness I find suitable in a world such as Farland.

We started playing in April 2016. So far there have been 8 character deaths. To read about the dead characters, see Heroes of former glory below. We have completed 3 adventurers and the characters are now level 4.

These are all the preparations I have made in order to run the first adventure Towers of Waiting, designed for 4/5 characters of level 1 and 2. This contains spoilers for players and is mend for DM's only.

These are all the preparations I have made in order to run the second adventure Northwood, designed for 4/5 characters of levels 2 and 3. This contains spoilers for players and is mend for DM's only.

That is some extensive work, I am really liking the idea of the codex for gaining XP. How has the exhaustion when knocked to 0 been working out? So far ability checks during combat have not been to often but we do having a barbarian that really like jumping.

Yeah, seriously, impressive job. I really like the codex as well, and I also like the gritty healing/wound system you've implemented. The Black Feather is a really cool item as well. I also notice the Lord of the Rings influence... perfect for the World of Farland! Nice work. Keep these game notes coming please.

Thank you.

The implementations of the exhaustion levels gives the players an extra edge. They need to be aware that every combat encounter can lead to long period restrains. This also encourages the players to avoid combats and think of non-combat solutions. For example, you can use deception against the patrol from Hestor, saying you are escorting prisoners from A to B.

So far, In three game sessions there have been 6 medium encounters. On one of them I rolled 1 crit ( a natural 20). This automaticly resulted in one exhaustion level. With the amount of damage the character got knocked out to 0 hitpoints, witch resulted to another exhaustion level. With two exhaustion levels, this character had disadvantage on ability checks but also half movement, giving the scimitar on his right leg a realistic twist. This character had to recover two days from this blow (1 exhaustion level per long rest).

Besides the grittyness the exhaustion levels give, it also provokes a more long-term gaming. This opens up weekly based events for example, as well as giving the characters some time to do non-adventure-activities (see DMG). The next adventure is set around a village and once in a week the Orcs come collecting taxes with their small army. Forcing the players to rest a few days gives them stress and concerns about the upcoming taxday.

I just added the 'permanent injuries' and an example codex of alchemy to the first post.

Please if you got any questions, ask away.

Sorry for my bad english.

Reading this some more I think I like your wounds better than the DMG ones as they are better linked to the damage, psychic is particularity nice. Rather terrifying since I am not sure our party will ever have the ability to cast regenerate.

Yeah, those wound rules are exceptionally cool. I love how they are tied to the kind of damage. hmmm...

Kielzog, is that wound system original to you? If so, I'd like to modify it and publish it on the site, with your permission.

About the lingering injuries, you have to give credit to RSKennan from Nworld forums. I've only adapted it a little. Injuries recover in matter of days in stead of months, like RSKennan's version. If you google it, many variants of gritty realism exists. I adapted RSKennan's version to what I found fit for a campaign in Farland. What you read above, is my result.

The Festering wound part (short part on the top section) is from the DMG.

Sure you may edit my version to whatever you like


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