D&D 5e: Tal'Dorei/Critical Role Campaign?

Thanks to everyone for your interest!

And for anyone who wish, I will recommend that you take a look at Mercer's campaign book. It's less than $20 if you buy the PDF version.

The areas that I'll be adding to the forum will not have a complete details as I want to avoid copyright issues and I want to make sure that Matt gets his money.

When accepted to the game if you choose to use anything from the TD book, I'll send you full details offline or via PM.

Based on my progress thus far I might put up an add early next week.

I have the books and watched all of the Critical rolls, I have even watched the first episode of the new campaign. It would be interesting to see a game in that setting.

I would be EXTREMELY interested in this !!

I can't get enough of Critical Role and I've been looking for such a game for months now!


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