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Yes, it quite specifically says it increases the bonus. Nothing about granting the ability in the first place.

Im contemplating writing up a potential concept of 'the alien experiment' character.

Anyone have any good suggestions on traits or classes that might play well for me trying to sprinkle a little Call of Cthulu feel spice into a Pathfinder game?

I remember a few good ones but cant find them using the filter for some reason, think their sites been wonky lately though. One gives you a split tongue and it helps you when summoning very specific creatures due to being able to pronounce things. *chuckle* One was you literally wake up from a stasis pod and from then on only need like 2 hours of rest from there. Think another one you get a wayfinder that doesn't point north and you have strange mannerisms giving you a bonus to bluff or something. Anyone know the names of these traits?

Im totally down for taking a few drawbacks (if the camp allows) and Additional traits feat if it helps me get a really flavorful character here.

Horror adventures basically has everything you need. Just look up horror adventures materials, probably on archives of Nethys.

Thanks Ready.


If I can twin channel (both positive and negative at once) and take the 'Aura flare' ability, does this mean that I can effect both good and evil aligned stuff in my area with my 'choose one effect' function?

At which point if this would effect my party or innocents I just shape (via magic item or class ability) / selective them out of it (assuming not too many people I dont want to effect).


If I achieve the 'Protector of the people' story feat and obtain the goal reward of gaining the 'craft construct' feat but not having to meet the prerequisites; this doesn't inherently give me the ability to use options like construct armor or construct limb if I still dont have 'arms and armor' feat right?

Also in construct breakdowns, ex:

Craft Construct, alarm, animate objects, cat’s grace, geas/quest, limited wish, creator must be caster level 12th; Skill Craft (carpentry) DC 17; Cost 8,800 gp is the price if I meet all the prerequisites and CL 12th; Price 19,300 gp would be how much it would cost in total services at market etc between hiring casters/artisans etc?

"The cost to build any construct that normally costs less than the cost of your donated golem is permanently reduced by 10%; the cost of the base materials is not reduced, however."

Am I to assume this is the market value?


Also, there's no stat difference between a 'glass golem' and a 'stainglass golem' correct? Just stainglass golem is more expensive then glass golem but otherwise they are the same creature, just one might be a bit fancier and give off more colorful light etc.

Pathfinder -

Are there any official 'alter self' magic items? Im seeing a few disguise self things~ just wanted to know if I had to get a wand or something cause im not finding anything like a mask etc.

From what I remember, the robe of blending and seamless skin (but from what I recall the latter is very expensive).


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