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Creative Corner

Post your creative works here and show off your talent!

Creative Corner Guidelines

Creative Corner Guidelines

This forum is intended as a place where our members can display and get feedback on their creative pursuits. While we encourage expressionism and interaction in art, we do ask that you keep your creations tasteful and youth friendly and when giving constructive criticism, keep it constructive. If you have questions/wonderings about posting in this forum, please read the FAQ. For further questions/comments, send a note to your local admin or for suggestions, post in this forum. Thank you.

Posting In This Forum
This forum is intended to be your own creative showcase so we do encourage you to make use of it and not be shy about starting your own thread and posting your work. Whether it be art, stories, poetry, well written posts or backgrounds that you want to show off, or even icons or elements to be used in programs, or tutorials for those programs themselves...All aspects are encouraged here so please, knock yourself out.

And for those of you not accustomed to posting/displaying your work, here is a guideline:
  • Use the proper prefix. If you do not see the proper category in the drop down, file it beneath miscellany. You can always suggest a another category later in the suggestions/feedback forum.
  • Include a description. For fictions, this can be a quick set up to a scene, for poetry your inspirations, for art an explanation of methods, and so on.
  • If you would like a critique or need suggestions, state so. Generally, people tend to give reactive commentary unless you tell them otherwise. If you ask for help/critique, you will generally receive it.
  • When including images, do not hotlink to sites that do not allow hotlinking, or which may eventually become inactive. There are many free web spaces on the web that can be used to store images/files as well as our own attachment feature. For more information on hotlinking, go here The following files/sizes can be attached:
Type    Size            Dimensions
bmp  	19.5 KB  	620  	280
doc 	1.00 MB 	- 	-
gif 	1.00 MB 	750 	750
jpe 	1.00 MB 	750 	750
jpeg 	1.00 MB 	1000 	1000
jpg 	1.00 MB 	1000 	1000
pdf 	2.00 MB 	- 	-
png 	1.00 MB 	750 	750
psd 	19.5 KB 	- 	-
txt 	1.00 MB 	- 	-
zip 	2.00 MB 	- 	-

Critiquing Somebody Else's Work
This shouldn't be necessary here, as this is a relatively kind (and supportive) communty, but this subject deserves a reminder anyway. When you are responding to a critique request and/or making comments, please remember to be considerate with your remarks. Constructive criticism means highlighting the good as well as the bad. Do not make posts that are 100% negative. Every creative endeavor has good elements and bad elements; please keep your focus on both.

Waiting For Critiques/Comments
The bad thing about being a sub-forum is this is a sub-forum. It does not receive the same mass of views as the other forums, and since this is a gaming geared community, most of the activity is in the game forums. However, there are still ways to get people into the suburbs to take view of your creation.

The first, and most encouraged way is to be an active participant in the whole Creative Corner forum, not just your own thread(s). Most people will return the gesture of viewing/posting if you only show them the same interest. So be active once you get down here and don't just sit like a marshmallow waiting around for someone to post in your thread.

The second way of getting attention drawn to your thread is posting a link in your signature. This can bring in viewers from the wider Myth-Weavers community, if that's what you're looking for.

Hotlinking is when you copy the url of an image on the web and post it somewhere else on the web. This, essentially, is stealing bandwidth. There are two reasons why this is discouraged, the first being that it is theft and thus wrong to hotlink from sites that explicitly say it is unallowed. The second is that many web spaces that have allowed hotlinking before have the habit of changing their mind and discontinuing to do so (Angelfire, for instance). Therefore, it is better to use our own attachment feature, or a reliable image host. A couple of the popular ones are listed below.

~This Guide was Brought to You by Cleokatrah~

A reminder for the Creative Corner: the site does have a rule concerning Commercial Use, reproduced below:
Commercial UseMyth-Weavers is not for commercial use. Do not use the web site for selling or promoting a product or service for commercial gain unless it answers a specific question, is relevant to an existing, active discussion, or has specific Myth-Weavers Staff approval. Pay to play or donate to play games fall under Commercial Use and are not allowed on the site.

Please seek staff approval before posting links to your cool for-sale gaming related content/items to avoid disciplinary action.

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