BURN, HERETIC: Clerics in Aelsif

Aelsif's clerics are a bit different in their role from how clerics normally are in RPGs. This is in part because of the 3-character standard party, every caster picks up some healing, and consumables pick up the rest of the slack, so clerics have to pick up some firepower. A LOT of firepower. A positively divine amount of firepower, actually, pun intended. Clerics are separated from other classes not in what they can and can't do, but in the quirks of their spellcasting. Let's cover what makes them unique, real quick. (Why this thread that is 80% gameplay effects and 20% fluff got moved to creative corner, I don't understand.)

1. General: Clerics take longer to cast spells than most casters, 2-4 actions instead of 1-2 (turns are 2 actions by default), but they have hyperarmour while casting, meaning they can't be interrupted without a dedicated interrupt attack and take reduced damage while casting.

2. Offence: Cleric spells have short range, but deliver a powerful secondary effect.

3. Healing: Clerics have an area of effect heal that is fairly weak except, you know, it hits an entire team and is therefore the game's best healing spell most of the time, and a single-target heal that is stronger than any other immediate heal in-game but only for one target.

4. Support: Clerics either use an AoE buff focused on them that yields double effect for them, a stationary AoE that debuffs enemies too, or an AoE debuff centered on them that is very strong.

5. Illusion: The vast majority of cleric illusions are grand illusions, illusions that border on reality warping. Specifically, conjuration-type grand illusions that summon an illusory entity to further the cleric's ends. This allows clerics to summon divine powers in larger quantities for less casting resources than other casters.

6. Utility: Cleric utilities are nearly worthless. They can condense water from the air... If there's water in the air. And hey, who wants to make stale bread taste fresh? And you want a light? Oh, we'll give you a blindingly bright one, hope you don't need it for very long. Basically, they're the worst utility casters in the game by 9,615 miles.

7. Catalysts: Clerics use a holy symbol, representing their religion, right down to the individual denomination or a sect's interpretation of a deity. On Marakiz, mostly denomination as the dominant religion is monotheistic. They can learn to use a different holy symbol for their miracles, if they invest the skill points, but it provides less of a bonus than their own faith's holy symbol. Still, this is an extremely good use of skill points, because each faith's symbol has different bonuses. One may, for example, boost fire spells where another boosts healing. If your faith's catalyst boosts healing, you may be well served having learned to use a catalyst specialised to deliver fire should you encounter enemies weak to flame.