Monster Design: The Nascent Watcher

The following is a monster design I wanted feedback on.

Watchers are an aelform, a kind of distributed organism with few specialty organs, only one of which is essential to their survival (though it's not like the rest aren't important, I'd imagine without its eyes it'd have some problems), and the rest can be regenerated remarkably quickly. They have both an endoskeleton and external armour, and are hard to kill because you have to destroy their core, which is deep within their body, under their strongest armour. Thankfully, large aelforms are fairly rare and most are of only animal-like intelligence. The problem is when aelforms are intelligent, coordinated and hostile. And unfortunately, this is not as rare as people might like. Watchers are such creatures.

Watchers have a thin, spindly body with a single powerful hindlimb and two forelimbs, a vaguely head-like structure at the front of their body and five eyes running down their torso. Their hindlimb cannot truly be described as a leg, as while it meets most of the criteria it's too flexible and the appendage at the end is definitely a hand, complete with four fingers and a thumb on each side. Their forelimbs end in smaller, but otherwise similar, hands. All three of these limbs are able to slide the hand out of position against the back of their wrist and produce a blade from inside the front of the wrist. Their head is completely featureless, and that doesn't exactly help when you see this thing gazing into your bedroom window. Their body is devoid of the hard armour some aelforms have, but their hide is thick and chitinous, and provides a degree of protection (albeit not nearly enough to stop a proper weapon). They are a pale grey colour naturally, but can change colour to better match their environment. This seems to require some amount of effort, because they only do this when spotted or surprised.

Watchers are given this name for a reason. Goblins know them very well, for they are the subject of its obsession. They descend, silently, from the sky above a village or caravan to land near the outskirts. Once they land, they hide in the foliage, and silently observe. They will move throughout the village when nobody's looking, always around the edges, watching. They watch farmers on the fields, stalk hunters as they stalk game, follow children home, peep on people bathing, gaze into your windows, and never actually do anything. They will defend themselves if attacked, but otherwise, they just observe.

Eventually, they leave. Once they leave, a short time later, the village is destroyed completely. How is not consistent. Sometimes, human invaders attack and slaughter the entire village as part of their genocidal conquest. Sometimes, monsters descend upon it. Sometimes, it's just one monster, but it's an aeldyan construct and it has the power to destroy an entire village itself. Sometimes, those finding the remains can't tell exactly what transpired, everybody's just gone and there's signs of violence but no bodies. Whatever the case, it's not hard to make the connection that the watcher is some kind of scout, or otherwise somehow responsible for the destruction.

The understandable reaction to this news has been to watch for watchers, and then kill them. This has proven difficult, because aelforms are hard to kill, and because these ones are smart, nimble, telepathic, telekinetic and fairly strong. The "nascent" variety, seen only since the human invasion, are especially powerful telepaths and seem to finish stalking villages faster than previous varieties, but lack power in combat compared to other watchers. Even so, some villages lack the power to take them out and reach out for mercenaries (that's you, mister or misses player character), sometimes they try and fail, and sometimes they succeed in killing it or driving it away, and then the doom comes anyway.

Sometimes, however, villages make the mistake of fleeing while the watcher lives. The watcher follows them as they flee, and the doom behind it. And when this happens, the doom comes slowly, picking them off a couple at a time. This is the worst possible choice when a watcher arrives. It cannot be escaped from, it always find you again. It will follow you farther than you can run, and unseen horrors will come for you in the night.

If there are to be any survivors, the watcher must die first. Then, you're free to choose whether to hide, fight or flee.