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Joke NPC Profile

Joke NPC Profile

Anna "Cyber_Goddess" Majima

The Mad DM of Mythweavers.

Once an idealistic DM at a young age, her bad luck with the dice drove her to madness.

~Tropes Related to Anna~

Author Avatar: Of Cyber_Goddess. She shares this role with Nyaruko and Mira. However unlike Nyaruko she rarely appears in campaigns, and unlike Mira she doesn't have an established setting she's a key part of.

Born Lucky/Unlucky: A walking paradox, she will constantly win casino games, and walk away with money, but when it comes to tabletop games dice hate her. This lead to her being a Dungeon Master mostly, until the curse of the dice caught up to her and left her unable to even challenge her players.

Then Let Me Be Monty Haul: No matter what she throws at her players, they will win via pure luck, even when the monster is twice their level in the mid-game. This ultimately lead to her throwing up her hands and saying 'screw it' and remaking herself into a Monty Haul DM that sells the idea of escapist fantasy with money, women, and power for her players.

Foil: To Call of Cthulhu DMs. It's stated by the Spoony one that no one will play with a Killer DM, however 'if you're running Call of Cthulhu they know what they're getting into'. Anna's focus on Isekai Harem is similar. Monty Haul can be boring, but if you're running the escapist power fantasy that is Isekai Harem 'they know what they're getting into'.

Bunny Ears Lawyer: Her Dming style is weird and over the top, but anyone who's argued philosophy with her for very long, knows that she is a sharp mind that can give a good political satire or philosophical debate in a campaign. She's not stupid, just eccentric. And the following of players willing to join her games without much question or even an ad, shows there's a market for her work.

Creativity Sterility: She can't design an original campaign to save her life. But she's great at adaptations, satire, and parody, which fits her Monty Haul over the top style. The sole exception to this rule is Kingdom Building in Pathfinder, where she is a master of the system.

Tranquil Fury: When she tells you what you're doing in her campaign is stupid, and is disruptive. You better listen. Just because she's embraced the madness of being a Monty Haul DM doesn't mean she can't go Killer DM on a jerk.

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