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Thistledown's Treasure Box

Name: John Webb
Player: Thistledown
Chronicle: Endless Storm
Breed: Arachnid
Aspect: Kumoti
Faction: Amari Aliquid (Viskr)
Nature: Visionary
Demeanor: Judge
Concept: Dream Weaver


Animal Ken
Enigmas (+2 in Sylie)
Occult (+3 in Sylie)

Blood Pool

Totem (Queen Ananasa)
Blessing (Mimicry)
Faerie Blood

Stolen Moments
Spirit Speech
Sight of the True Form
Mother's Touch
Morphean Bite

Fae Gifts
An-da-Shealladh (Fae Sight)
Taibsear (Wraith Sight)
Honored Birthright (Sidhe)


Rite of Spinning
Studying the Great Web
Summon Paradox

Hive Mind

Driving Goal
Emotional Attachment
Unstable Features

Dedicated Talismans:
-Finely tailored clothing
-Prepaid cell phone

Hurt (-1)
Injured (-1)
Wounded (-2)
Mauled (-2)
Crippled (-5)

Damage Sustained

Name: Michael
Concept: Urban Anti-Hero
Clan: Salubri
Path: Retribution
Demeanor: Fanatic
Nature: Idealist

Visceratika ••••• • Armor of Vulcan

As Armor of Terra but all of the number of extra soak dice is tripled (+3/+6), the character is now completely immune to fire (as well as Rotschrek from Fire), and the blood point cost for activating Bond with the Mountain or Flow within the Mountain are halved (1 Blood Point each).

Visceratika ••••• •• Subsume the Elemental Spirit

The known pinnacle of Visceratika, this powerful ability is constantly in effect once learned and has a number of effects:

- The Gargoyle has become so connected to the elements that Bond with the Mountain and Flow within the Mountain can now be used through metal, glass, water and wood and no longer require blood to activate.

- The gargoyle's stealth dice from Skin of the Chameleon are doubled and there is no trace of a bonded Gargoyle anymore.

- The soak dice from Armor of Terra are quintupled (+5/+10) and the difficulty for all damage dice from physical attacks made against the Gargoyle is raised to 7.

- Lastly for the price of 3 blood points and a willpower point, this power allows the gargoyle to harden into stone instantly when the light of the sun hits them, protecting them as if covered by a Tzimisce's cocoon. In no way may they move themselves under any circumstances, but the stony covering allows them to effectively remain awake during the day, and use any mental abilities that do not require the use of blood. In ancient nights past, the most elite Gargoyle sentries would be posted on the ramparts of Tremere castles, able to wake their masters using Telepathy, giving them a chance to rise from torpor and escape. When the sun falls below the horizon, the stony shell cracks and breaks apart, turning into dust, as the Gargoyle emerges just as if waking normally (and spending another blood point).

Combination Power:

Visceratika ••••• • Protean ••••• • Seamless Flow

For a single Blood Point the character may activate both Flow within the Mountain and Earth Control Simultaneously, allowing the Gargoyle to move continuously through either substrate at it's Flight Speed.

By Thistledown

The Imp: A Gargoyle Variant

Weakness: No two Imps are alike, but all are exceedingly grotesque, and often devilish in aspect. They may not have an appearance score above 0. In addition, all Imps have the Infertile Vitae flaw and may not sire a true bloodline as normal Gargoyles have been able to. They are created individually through a magic ritual similar to that which created the first Gargoyles, only in this case using a Ravnos and mutating it with Gangrel easy feat considering those two clans are bitter enemies both comprised of nomadic, often solitary hard targets. This Flaw does not give any Freebie Points in return.

Special: One Blood: As the Imp is created from and linked to it's Master's vitae, it's Generation is always one higher than it's creator (which must be purchased normally in the case of PCs). However if the Master is able to lower their Generation, the Imp's Generation is automatically lowered by an equal amount.

Clan Disciplines:
- Flight, Begin with 1 free dot.
- Chimerstry...a trickster and deceiver.
- Celerity...nimble and fast.
- Imps are often taught Thaumaturgy by their Masters to aid in their function, but must pay normal out of Clan costs for their Primary Path.

In addition, Imps have their own unique Discipline:

Through the process of creating an Imp, a special bond is formed between the Master and the Familiar. The Master mixes her own blood into the vitae used to create the creature, and drinks of the mixture herself over the 6 days it takes to complete the ritual. Both Master and Familiar are therefore Blood Bound to each other with all of the benefits and challenges of this arrangement. Note however that this is a unique and secondary version of the Blood Bond and does not break or interfere with any other Bond the Master may possess, including the Vinculum. Familiars are closer to childer than ghouls as far as servants go, and the loss of either party is devastating to the other. If the Master meets their final death, another Vampire may enter into the Familiar pact and receive all of the benefits below. While unbound to a Master, the Familiar may not access the powers dependent on having one (Acolyte, Familiar Link, Sympathy, Blood Phylactery)

Acolyte: The Familiar may assist in it's Master's rituals, reducing the time it takes to complete them by half (round up). In addition, for every dot in this discipline, the difficulty of any ritual that the Familiar participates in is reduced by one, to a minimum difficulty of 3.

Form of the Trickster: The Familiar may take on the form of a flying animal, normal in all respects. Ravens are the most common, but bats, owls, or even insects are possible choices. As part of this power, the Familiar's aura is also masked to look like a mundane animal. The player spends 2 Blood points, and the transformation takes only 1 action to complete. While in Trickster form the Familiar may use any other Disciplines it has access to, but may not speak, save to those with the proper Animalism or Auspex powers (however, see the Familiar Link below).

Familiar Link: The Familiar is able to create a potent telepathic bond with it's Master. This allows for two-way communication across any distance, and across all Umbral barriers within the Horizon, including the Underworld, the Dream, and the High Umbra, but not the Far Umbra. The Familiar's Master may also scry through the Familiar. She may see and hear what the familiar sees and hears, as per Clairvoyance, and may use any Auspex or Thaumaturgical Paths through the Familiar link. The Familiar may not so scry through the Master's senses however; aside from communication, it is a one-way link. In order to create this bond, the Imp's player "sacrifices" a permanent point of Willpower, which may never be purchased back (in effect limiting the character to a maximum rating of 9) until the Master has met the Final Death, at which time it is recovered. However, as a beneficial side effect of this sacrifice, the Familiar's Willpower pool may never be drained below below one, and it suffers no side effects from spending it's last point of temporary Willpower.

Stinger: The familiar grows a sheath on the end of it's tail (and if it has no tail then it grows one) from which it may extend a wicked stinger that converts vitae into venom. This weapon does Str+2 Aggravated damage and if the target takes damage, the Familiar may, with the expenditure of at least one blood point, injects a potent hemotoxin. In mortals this does an additional two levels (not dice) of aggravated damage per blood point converted to venom. In Kindred, it destroys two of the target's blood pool per blood point injected. The vampire takes no actual damage from this but suffers wound penalties as per level 3 of the Path of Neptune's Might. Vampires with Fortitude may soak the damage from the stinger as normal, and if no damage is inflicted, no venom may be injected. However Fortitude will not protect a target's blood pool if the injection is successful. This power may not be used in Raven form.

Daywatch: With this powerful ability, the Familar is able to stay awake during the day with no penalty, and even bask in the light of the Sun without fear! However, while doing so they are locked into their Trickster form. While the Daywatch is in effect, the Master is bolstered as per the Light Sleeper and Early Riser Merits (even if the Familiar is not present) and the Familiar may awaken the Master at any time through the Familiar Link. To use this power the player spends 3 Blood Points and a Willpower point (the point that would normally be regained upon waking). Thus, the Daywatch may only be maintained for a number of successive days equal to the Familiar's Willpower.

Sympathy: The Familiar Link is now so strong, that it creates a powerful resonance when the two are near one another. When the Master and Familiar are in close proximity to each other (within a number of yards equal to their combined Willpower scores), the difficulty for the Master to use any Thaumaturgical Paths (including Countermagic) is reduced by 2, while the difficulty of using any Thaumaturgical Paths against the Familiar is raised by 2. In addition, a Thaumaturgist attempting to use Blood Magic against either the Master or Familiar finds that spending Willpower for automatic successes on such magic fails. The Willpower is still spent, but it's automatic success is negated.

Gremlins: Through this power, the Imp is able to create lesser minions of it's own to serve as spies. It costs one Blood Point per minion to manifest a Gremlin and they may travel any distance from the creating Imp. However, they last only until the following sunrise at which time they dissolve into a small pool of blood. Each Gremlin is 6 inches tall and a perfect tiny replica of the Imp. Strength and Stamina are effectively zero, while Dexterity is equal to their creator's rating or 5, whichever is higher (dots from Celerity count for Dexterity for this purpose) allowing them move at the same speed as their creator, if not faster. If the Imp has developed Wings and the Flight Discipline, the Gremlins posses this at the same level but have no other access to a Blood Pool or Disciplines. Mental attributes and Willpower are equal to the creating Imp's minus 1 and Gremlins posses only a single health level. However they do share all of the abilities granted from a Familiar Link with their creator. This allows the Imp to scry and use Blood Magic through the link just as it's Master does through the Familiar itself, although there is no further Willpower cost to the Imp for this temporary creation. The Gremlins know any skill the Imp knows at the same level, with the exception of stealth which is set to a minimum of 5 dots if the creating Imp has a lower rating. Gremlins are constructs and completely loyal. They may act autonomously on their own initiative, attempting to follow the Imp's orders, or aid their creator if it has somehow been incapacitated. Any attempt to Dominate a Gremlin or otherwise manipulate it using Disciplines by anyone other than the creator results in it's immediate destruction.

Curse of Babel: Imps are creatures of Chaos. Using this ability prevents any meaningful communication from the enemies of the Familiar's Master. To use this power, the Imp's player must have line of sight to the target(s). They must spend a Willpower point and roll Manipulation+Occult (Difficulty 8) For each success one target may be affected. The target of this power is no longer understood when attempting to communicate, whether verbally, or in the written word...all comes out as incomprehensible gibberish. Even forms of gestural communication such as sign language are affected, and telepathy is no exception. The effect lingers for one week per success, but if 5 or more success are rolled, the effect lasts for one year and one day. This power may freely affect non-Vampires, but against other Kindred it is only effective on those of higher generation than the Imp.

Blood Phylactery: Only the most powerful of Methuselahs have created Familiars of such power. If the Master is ever slain, their soul travels to their familiar across any distance, even across the Umbra, (however they may not cross the Far Umbra, so if an Elder God from Beyond has consumed you there is no coming back), and is resurrected through it, twisting it's blood and body into their own form as they emerge naked and bloody, but nonetheless still Undead. Through this resurrection, the Master retains their original Generation. This process destroys the familiar, however the Thaumaturgist may simply create another.

Kurgan, Chosen of Kotros


The Half-Breed, The Dark Pact, Master of Miracles, Lord of Lies and Deceit
To some: The Nameless One

Portfolio: Illusions, Hope, Contracts, Conjuration, Souls


Corpseborn, Corpsedaughter, Wolfmother, The Phlegran Huntress, Stalker of the Wastes, Whorekeeper, Mistress of Mistresses, Inamorata

Portfolio: Death - Prostitutes - Wolves - Hunting - Survival

Milamber di Iarte


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