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Thistledown's Treasure Box

Speech: Bold Electric Indigo


Cpl. Seth Stryker, Omega Force [M.I.A.]


Real Name: Glenn "The Glutton" Gallagher
Profession: Longshoreman, Pugilist
Race: Irish-American
Age: 34
Height: 6' 5"
Weight: 280 lbs.
Hair: Ginger
Eyes: Green
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois


Sebastion Bain

Age: 19
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 225 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

Languages: English


1. a projecting part of a fortification.

2. an institution, place, or person strongly defending or upholding particular principles, attitudes, or activities.



Powers and Abilities


Motivation: Responsibility

The responsibility to use his powers for good. To protect those weaker than himself. His father will always be his first hero.

Motivation: Thrillseeking

Despite his heroic inclinations, Sebastian isn't above the thrill of competition, especially against a worthy rival.


Bastion is something of a sensation and is often accosted by fans, stalkers, jealous rivals, or those who want to make their reputation by bringing him down.

Enemy: ?

A prep-school rivalry turned full-blown archenemies. While their grudge is well-documented, neither can remember what truly set it off. Some people just inherently rub each other the wrong way, and it escalated from there.

Archetype: Tank/Striker
PL 12/180 PP

Attributes (0)
Str 0
Sta 0
Dex 0
Agi 0
Fig 0
Int 0
Awa 0
Pre 0

Powers (101)

Impenetrable Forcefield 39
- [Protection 16 (Sustained)]
- [Linked: Immunity 13 (Sustained) Critical Hits, Airborne/Topical Contaminants, Entrapment, Slams]
- [Linked: Regeneration 1 (Persistent, Sustained, Limited: Bruises Only)]
- [Linked: Enhanced Trait: Ultimate Toughness]
- [Linked: Deflect 8 (Reflect, Burst, Close, vs Ranged Attacks Only)]

Forcefield Mastery 52
Array: 48 Points
1. Reinforced Force
- [Immunity 80: Toughness (Limited: Half Effect, Sustained)]
- [Regeneration +9 (Persistent, Sustained, Limited: Bruises Only, Quirk: Doesn't heal existing bruises)]
2. Force Bubble
- [Create 12 (Continuous, Impervious, Movable, Selective, Close, Limited: Single Bubble)]
3. Polarize
- [Move Object 12 (Damaging, Reaction: Contact, Close, Limited: Away)]
4. Polarity Field
- [Move Object 12 (Damaging, Burst Area, Selective, No Dodge, Close, Limited: Away)]
5. Polarity Blast
- [Move Object 12 (Damaging, Perception, Limited Direction: Away)]

Motive Force 10
Array: 9 Points
1. Vector
- [Speed 9]
2. Pulse
- [Leaping 9]

Skills (20)
Athletics 6 (+12)
Perception 6 (+12)
Ranged Attack (Reflect) 8 (+16)

Advantages (19)
Close Combat 12
Improved Defense
Improved Disarm
Improved Smash
Instant Up
Move-by Action
Weapon Bind
Weapon Break

Initiative: +0

Defenses (40)
Dodge 8 (8)
Parry 8 (8)
Toughness 0 (16)
Fortitude 12 (12)
Will 12 (12)

The Mighty Neutron!

Real Name: Xander Kilgrave
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 250 lbs.
Residence: Oakland, CA
Occupation: Former Private Investigator fighter turned Nova DeVries Elite

PL 12/180

Attributes (44)
Strength: 6/16
Stamina: 6/16
Agility: 0
Dexterity: 0
Fighting: 0
Intellect: 0
Awareness: 10
Presence: 0

Skills (7)
- Expertise: Lab Tech 2 (+4)
- Technology 5 (+10)

Advantages (12)
- Accurate Attack
- Evasion 2
- Fast Grab
- Improved Grab
- Improved Hold
- Tracking
- Unarmed Combat 8
- Uncanny Dodge

Powers (99)

Quantum Powered 11
- [Immunity 10: Life Support]
- [Regeneration 1]

Quantum Attunement 10
- [Enhanced Perception 12 (Limited: Visual Only)
6 Point Array
1. Quantum Awareness
- [Senses 6: Vision Counters All Concealment, Radius Vision 2]
2. Quantum Tunneling
- [Senses 6: Vision Penetrates Concealment, Vision Counters illusion]

Neutronic Micronization 22
21 Point Array
1. Collapsing Star
- [Insubstantial 1] {1 Micron Tall}
- [Linked Concealment: All Visual Senses (Quirk: Detected by Microscopic Vision 2)]
- [Senses 2: Microscopic Vision 2]
- [Linked Flight 5 (Subtle 1: Gravitic/Quantum Senses)]
2. Subatomic Threshold
- [Teleport 9 (Accurate, Distracting, Extended, Extended Only, Change Direction, Change Velocity, Subtle 1: Gravitic/Quantum Senses)]

Neutronic Density 17
16 Point Array
1. Human Sized
- [Enhanced Stamina 10, -4 Fortitude]
2. Micronized (Linked to Neutronic Micronization)
- [Density 10, -4 Fortitude] {100 Tons}

Neutronic Gravity (Linked to Neutronic Density 2. Micronized) 39
37 Point Array
1. Gravity Field
- [Move Object 12 (Close, Burst Area, Continuous, No Dodge, Limited Direction: Down, Subtle 1)]
2. Crushing Field
- [Move Object 12 (Close, Burst Area, Damaging, No Dodge, Limited Direction: Down, Subtle 1)]
3. Gravitic Acceleration
- [Add 13 Ranks to Flight]
- [Move Object 12 (Close, Linked to Slam Damage, Limited Direction: Away)]
- [Immunity 5: Slams (Sustained)]

Initiative +0

Defenses (18)
Parry 8 (+8)
Dodge 8 (+8)
Toughness 0 (+16)
Fortitude 0 (+12)
Will 2 (+12)

Grand Total: 180




aka "The Demon of Detroit"

Real Name: Daemon Drake
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Detroit, Michigan
Age: 19
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 250 lbs.
Blood Type: Unique Nano-Plasma
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Red


They were happy together, a family, for a time. David was an auto mechanic with his own small, moderately successful shop. His wife, Rachel, worked as a nurse but left her career once their firstborn Samuel was born. Two years later Daemon was born. As they grew the two boys were inseparable. Samuel was the more physical one, while his brother took more after their father, with a head for schematics and mechanical things. For a time, they were happy. The Drakes were devout as a family; even as Detroit gradually crumbled into crime all around them, they never broke faith with the Church, that is until Rachel came down with cancer. It would have been one thing if it had been a mugging. Violent crime, that was the sin of men, but for David it was as though God himself had forsaken them. Daemon was 8 when his mother passed away.

David turned to the bottle, to gambling, his spirit broken, his sons left largely to fend for themselves. Samuel being the older, hardier, more aggressive one, was gradually indoctrinated into the Underworld; there are enumerable uses for children in organized crime and the mob likes to get them started early. It starts with simple lookout duty, then courier work, with the branches of pushing, pimping, and muscle opening up with age, experience, and merit. Daemon was the voice of restraint, trying his best to keep Sam in check, and doing his part to support them by hot-wiring cars and watching his back. Depending on your point of view, the two either came up, or fell down on the mean streets of Detroit. While they had each other, their prospects looked grim. Two more lost boys disappearing in the cracks. Those cracks aren't empty...there are things in those depths, hiding in the shadows, feeding on the forgotten.

The brothers were perfect specimens, the serum only worked during puberty. Something about the growth and hormonal profile, but too young or too old and Extremis would devour the host alive. So the black-site laboratory charged with its experimentation preyed upon the urchins and orphans that nobody would miss. In time they were able to decode what the system was, an extraterrestrial nano-retro-virus that transformed its hosts into techno-organic killing machines. The backers of the black-site, a shadowy alliance of governments and corporations, saw this as fortuitous in the wake of the rising incidence of empowered citizens, and commissioned a cadre of super soldiers decanted from the limited amount of sample they possessed. Samuel and Daemon were in the first wave of the fully weaponized serum, along with 8 others. The system overrode the host's control, so while they were aware of their actions, they were not in control of them. If they weren't on a mission the system kept them sedated, in effective stasis. They spent two years in this living hell, until the entire operation exploded, quite literally, during a conflict with the Legion. Daemon was activated, but Samuel was in stasis when Two detonated, vaporizing the facility, and everything else within a mile. Daemon was only 16.

Rise of the Demon

Once the system went down, so did the control system. For the first time since the infusion he was in control of his own will. For the first time in his life he was alone. He returned home. Soon after rumors and reports began to swirl about some kind of supernatural fiend waging war upon the Underworld of Old Detroit. The rapist who had his genitals cauterized off. The mob boss who killed himself within his impenetrable sanctum. Drug labs burned to ashes.The Demon of Detroit they called him, and he developed a fearsome reputation. For the past year, Daemon has waged his shadow war of vengeance and catharsis against the mobs and street gangs of the inner city.


Damaged, rough around the edges, but not yet hardened. Despite his stark morality, Daemon exhibits a classic distrust of authority that manifests as challenge and rebellion, but underneath his mask of bravado he is very frightened by what he has become. On one hand he revels in his rebirth, but is terrified when the system takes control. In those moments he really does feel like he's been possessed by a demon.

Not nearly the lone wolf one might first expect, the loss of first his mother, his brother, and now The Pact has hit him pretty hard, and finding ways to cope has not been easy. His enhancements mean that alcohol and drugs are no longer an option, though he still smokes out of habit. He and Succubus had been having a subdued on-and-off again relationship, but both being damaged goods it was never meant to last, and he tends more often than not to sex for escapism. These affairs rarely last more than a single night. His primary vice is still violence, a visceral outlet for a lifetime of loss.


Motivation: Acceptance

With his brother gone, and the Pact destroyed, Daemon lost his last remaining tether and sense of belonging. His transformation has brought him the power to vent his anger, but the insecurity of feeling like a freak. Though he isn't really conscious of his deeper emotions, his desire to fit in will usually subtly lead him to doing the right thing, given the right influences.

Motivation: Vigilantism

Daemon will cross lines that others can't or won't in order to stop those untouchable through legal means. To defeat a demon, you must become a demon yourself.


In many ways, Daemon is his own worst enemy, the chip on his shoulder just the surface of wounds that run so deep, even Extremis couldn't regenerate the damage.


When Daemon returned to Chicago after being freed from Extremis control, he found his father was alive after all, now homeless and mentally ill. Daemon had him put in an appropriate shelter, and still checks in on the Old Man regularly, as well as pays the bills for his care.


The serum altered Daemon to be a living weapon of mass murder and destruction. While capable of using his powers on his own, when an outside threat is detected, his own instincts to avoid conflict are overridden by his new programming. At the most extreme he enters a dissociative state until the perceived threat is entirely neutralized. Unfortunately the system is not so great at distinguishing real danger from more benign encroachments.

Doomsday Weapon

The creators of the Extremis serum were thorough indeed in the creation of their shock troops. Should the innate repair functions of the system ever be overloaded, most likely in the event of his death, Daemon would go nova with enough force to level an entire city. It is possible that tampering with or even temporarily shutting down his repair functions might have much the same effect.

Abilities (24)

Strength: 0
Stamina: 12
Agility: 0
Dexterity: 0
Fighting: 0
Intellect: 0
Awareness: 0
Presence: 0

Advantages (0)

Skills (0)

Powers (120)

Nanite Augmented Physiology:
- [Immunity 10: Life Support] 10
- [Immunity 10: Fire/Heat (includes laser weapons)] 10

Augmented Strength: [18 Point Static Array] 19
1. Powerlifting
- [Enhanced Strength 18] (Limited: Only for Lifting)

2. Assault
- [Damage 12 (Accurate 6, Strength-Based)]

Nanoptics: 10
- [Senses 5 (Vision Counters All Concealment)]
- [Enhanced Perception (Limited to Vision) 5 (+20)]

Adaptive Tactical Response: [5 Point Static Array] 9
1. Threat Scan: Default Out of Combat.
- [Imp. Initiative 3]
- [Danger Sense]
- [Uncanny Dodge]

2. Reflex Boost:
- [Evasion 2]
- [Move-by Action]
- [Takedown 2]

3. Berserker Rush:
- [All-out Attack]
- [Power Attack]
- [Imp. Critical 3]

4. Jujitsu Master:
- [Fast Grab]
- [Imp. Grab]
- [Imp. Hold]
- [Ultimate Effort: Grappling]
- [Teamwork]

5. Aikido Master
- [Imp. Defense]
- [Imp. Smash]
- [Imp. Disarm]
- [Weapon Bind]
- [Weapon Break]

Advanced Traversal: [9 Point Static Array] 10
1. Sprint
- [Speed 9] (1,000 mph base speed)

2. Leap
- [Flight 9 (Must end movement on surface)]

- [Movement: Wall Crawling 1] 2

Active Systems: [44 Point Static Array] 50
1. Advanced Tissue Repair
- [Regeneration 10 (Persistent, Sustained), Linked Damage 6 (Reaction: Touch)]

2. Nano-Talons (Control)
- [Linked to Damage (Imp. Critical 1): Progressive Affliction 12 Vs. Will (Accurate 6, Imp. Critical 1)]

3. Nano-Talons (Agony)
- [Linked to Damage (Imp. Critical 1): Cumulative Affliction 12 Vs. Will (Accurate 6, Extra Condition, Imp. Critical 1)]

4. Nano-Talons (Disrupt)
- [Linked to Damage (Imp. Critical 1): Weaken 12 Vs. Fortitude (Accurate 6, Broad: Attributes, Simultaneous, Imp. Critical 1)]

5. Plasma Projection (Hands)
- [Line Area Damage 12 (Incurable, Secondary Effect, Tertiary Half Effect, Feature 1: Low-Powered Flame)]

6. Plasma Projection (Breath)
- [Cone Area Damage 12 (Incurable, Feature: Incendiary, Secondary Effect, Tertiary Half Effect)]

7. Exothermic Grip
- [Strength 12 (Limited: Only for Grappling)
- [Extra Limbs 5 (Limited: Only for Grappling)]
- [Weaken Toughness 12 Vs. Protection (Affects Objects, Alternate Resistance, Grab Based)]
- [Speed 8 (Limited: Burrowing Only), Feature 1: Leaves Tunnel)]

Initiative: +12

Defenses (36)

Dodge: 12 (12)
Parry: 12 (12)
Fortitude: 0 (12)
Will: 12 (12)
Toughness: 0 (12)

Grand Total: 180 PP

Though he parlays his abilities into a supernatural persona, their origins are anything but magical. The ultra-black site he was taken to was experimenting with nano-technoglogy, possibly of extraterrestrial or extra dimensional origin in an attempt to create super soldiers who could be an effective countermeasure to the rising numbers of super powered gods and monsters crowding the planet.

Once injected into a human host the serum goes to work, breaking down organs, building new ones, and using carbon from the atmosphere to generate extremely strong graphene-based structures, rebuilding bone, muscle, and neural tissue to a preprogrammed spec. Even blood plasma is replaced with a solution of free floating nanites. What keeps them powered up is unknown but is postulated to be some kind of zero-point catalyzed nano-fusion. The host no longer requires outside sources of fuel, functioning through highly efficient anaerobic processes. All metabolic waste is converted into more energy and heat, while the system's capacity for tissue repair is nothing short of awe-inducing...

Daemon's body has been altered and augmented down to the nanoscale, blurring the lines between organic and mechanical. Strength, speed, and durability are all significantly beyond any normal human limit. Likewise his nervous system has been enhanced: Aside from being hardened against outside manipulation, an autonomic adaptive combat protocol has override capability over the host. When operating under mission parameters or any kind of perceived threat this programming is activated, almost like an organic move-by-wire system. In other words, the host becomes hardwired to fight and adapt to any circumstance or environment.

Because the serum seems to have been created to take down other metahumans, its design has been fully weaponized with a number of incredibly lethal offensive systems:

When close-quarters single-target lethality is required, mono-molecular-tipped talons extrude from the tips of the fingers. Moreover these talons are coated with specialized nanites. Upon contact they surge into the wound where they proceed to teach themselves to the target's central and peripheral nervous systems. This can be parlayed into a number of effects, such as crippling the target with debilitating agony, Disrupting nerve signals, or even outright hijacking control over the host.

Plasma Projection:
For dealing with large numbers of hostile forces, he is capable of filling his lungs with immensely hot ionized plasma, breathing fire and death like the dragons of myth.

Exothermic Grip:
If he is capable of finding solid purchase upon a target, he can exothermically channel plasma heat directly through his hands, rendering even the hardest target into slag within a matter of moments.



- The Galvanium Golem -

RecordsReal Name: Alexander "Sascha" Lorentz
Age: 102
Ethnicity: Dutch
Date of Birth: February 14th, 1917
Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York
Parents: Ferdinand (Blacksmith) and Lisbeth (Nurse)

High Concept"Evolving hero who changes and transforms with the progressive eras of comic book history."

Golden Age: Pulp Adventurer battling Nazis
Silver Age: Space-Age Speedster and Silver Fox Celebrity
Bronze Age: Powersuit Augmented Cold War Operative
Iron Age: Cure-seeking Billionaire Recluse
Postmodern Age: Posthuman Powerhouse

PowersArchetype: Powerhouse/Blaster (Construct Subtype)
In a few words: Electro + Colossus = Magneto

A Few More...
Alex has essentially become an energy being of pure electricity, currently inhabiting/bonded with a golem-like body composed of a para-element dubbed galvanium. With unique and unprecedented properties, galvanium is an ultra-dense room-temperature-liquid metal that also happens to be the perfect room-temperature superconductor. The unlimited electrical current generated by Alex's inhabiting electricity therefore makes his galvanium body into a supernaturally powerful and precise superconducting electromagnet.

Titanic strength, nigh-invulnerability, with both electrical and magnetic powers.


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